Layers of Fears is a reimagining of the previous two games, and it’s not Layers of Fear 3, Bloober Team confirms

If we talk about studies specialized in horror games, it is a fact that Bloober Team ranks high in the industry. His great work on titles such as The Medium, Observer, Blair Witch or Layers of Fear give the Polish studio great status within the horror genre.

Bloober is currently preparing his most ambitious project together with Konami. Silent Hill 2 Remake is quite a challenge, as it is one of the most beloved horror video games of all time.

Despite the challenge of resurrecting the Konami saga, from Bloober Team they assure that they are prepared for it. Yes indeed, It is not the only project underway for them


Layers of Fears – Gamescom 2022 Trailer

At Summer Game Fest 2022, Bloober Team announced a new game from Layers of Fear, one of the most iconic IPs from the Polish studio. Is about Layers of Fears… that It’s not Layers of Fear 3..

It’s the first thing we think of when seeing the teaser trailer. Nevertheless, Layers of Fear it will be a complete reimagining of what both horror games were in the last generation.

More terror, but from a different perspective

In an interview with the DreadXP portal, Bloober Team’s marketing director clarifies what Layers of Fears really is. For starters, she confirms that we are not before the third installment (speaking strictly) of the franchise born in 2016.

Anna Jasińska says that veteran players will feel “at home” with Layers of Fears, as it incorporates the essence of the first two games, but in a very different way.

No, this is not Layers of Fear 3. We have come up with a new name. Slight nuances in spelling subtly hint to us that we have something new to deliver”.

Layers Of Fear 2 Body

Remember how the sequel to Alien (directed by James Cameron) just added an ”s” to the title of the original? Well, Layers of Fears does the same, but at no time will we see a succession in the chronological events of the IP.

Bloober Team is proud to have created a new term in the industry. It is not a reboot, nor is it a remake, but a “reimagination” which merges the first two Layers of Fear.

Layers of Fears is a completely new video game concept. It fuses the best elements of Layers of Fear 1 and Layers of Fear 2 with new gameplay mechanics, topped off with an all-new story never seen before. We wrapped all the best things together and created a final, overarching story for the entire Layers franchise.”.

Layers of Fears

One of the pillars of this new game will be artistic direction. The Bloober guys want to emphasize the visual section thanks to the hardware of PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, also from a more ambitious point of view.

On the other hand, producer Kacper Michalski also mentions that Layers of Fears will fill in those plot gaps that were left off the hook in the two original Layers. As if it were a TV series, wow.

We realize that the first two installments could have left storylines untold, so we want to cover them in the next game. Similarly, if the gameplay could have used more diversity, we will implement it now. Layers of Fears is a whole world that combines two seemingly unrelated stories”.

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Ultimately, Layers of Fears is a game that brings together the concepts of the two previous games and merges them, but offering something completely new. It’s the Layers of Fear that Bloober Team wanted to do 6-7 years ago and couldn’t.

Layers of Fears is currently in development, and its launch is scheduled for the first quarter of this year 2023. It will use Unreal Engine 5 and will be exclusive to next-generation consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series X | S) in addition to PC.

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