Le prix à débourser for voir Adele in Munich Passe Mal, même chez les Fans

The announcement of Adele’s venue in Munich (Allemagne) is now announced as an exception for these concerts to welcome fans of the British singer. Un grand nombre d’entre eux a cependant déchanté en decouvrant les tariffs on preparations to prevent 7 February later. Award for work as a translator Someone like you as a result of this they played too much, the story of BFM TV ce jeudi.

If you want the rates to be published, the reactions were shocked and multiplied on social media. Of course, Adele’s previous concerts 2, 3, 9, 10, 14, 16, 23, 24, 30 and 31 are not the source of the tournament party. In order to watch the singer in Europe, there are no other cases that these spectacles were in small English Allemany, and they were not a product for those who lived in Las Vegas, or she was in residence in only one place.

1152.50 euros per VIP seat

There remains a minimum payer of €74.90 for a seat outside the Open Air Arena, a venue capable of attracting 80,000 spectators. Depending on the categories and location, the cost of a class seat is 419.90 euros. VIP offers cost €1,152.50 per person. Internet users don’t want to know these political principles.

Some are affordable compared to other artists where venues are more accessible. “ Pourquoi des Stars like Ed Sheeran demand their peu d’argent là où d’autres en prennent autant? ” also asked by user X (formerly Twitter). Prices do not depend on how valuable the sesame is. When bills are sold, a virtual file of 270,000 records is recorded.

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