leadership, retraining and minimal risks

Alexia Putellas is one of 25 players called up for the Nations League knockout stages, which will take place from February 23 to 28.. The Barcelona captain and Spaniard, who has the most caps in history (113), will visit the football city of Las Rosas next Monday, although her participation in the matches, which will take place at the La Cartuja stadium in Seville, has not yet been decided. visible. .

This is Molle del Valles She was injured on November 14, 2023 in a Champions League match against Benfica.. The blow to her left knee, the same one that caused her to break her cruciate ligament on the eve of the Euro 2022 championship, became a wake-up call for the football player. Although initial tests revealed serious injury, On December 26, he decided to undergo arthroscopy surgery. What confirmed the first results.

Since then, In Barcelona, ​​Alexia’s return to competition was treated with great attention.. Two-time Ballon d’Or winner On January 30, he returned to the grass. and this week I returned to group work. Alexia performed physical activity individually and was also part of a group for technical and tactical work.. In the planned readaptation process, the roadmap indicates that from now on physical activities will begin to be carried out collectively and with increasing intensity. Exodus of internationalists in Can Barca does The footballer proposed to the club the idea that it would be more appropriate to participate in the team’s group training sessions rather than doing it at a lower intensity in Barcelona..

He found out about the call at the same time as everyone else

Alexia found out about her call, like the rest of the mortals, when the list was published on social networks on Thursday at 11:30.. However, the midfielder sensed something because she spoke to the club on Wednesday and told them that if she could make the list, she would be given a free pass from the club to attend the call. “We pay close attention to everything you do. Alexia, you have good feelings, we communicate daily. We will continue this process starting on Monday. Relations with clubs are getting better and better. and it is important that we can understand each other,” he said. Montse Thome at a press conference. “We must understand this as a high-level professional process where players want to play for their national team. We must try to help and understand that they want to play with their clubs and their national team.“, the coach justified himself.

The reason for the RFEF call is twofold. “The first intention is for him to come play.“Montse warned, although the Asturian knows that Alexia’s chances of making the team in the semi-finals (against the Netherlands) or the final or in third and fourth place are minimal.. Therefore, the call is made at 25, and not at 23, as usual. Our intention is to ensure that Putellas is always with the group to be able to act as a leader., a role she lost at the World Cup when her bandage was removed but what recovered in a new phase with Thome on the bench. “The idea is for the players who started this group stage to be there. She is a captain, an important player, and although her case is special, we think it is important that she is here,” the coach decided.

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