League insists Oscar Zambrano transfer to Luton Town sealed

The year is coming to an end, but there is important news about foreign players or those who may soon become one of them. U has already decided to say goodbye to one of his young talents and now he needs one final nod to close things out.

Luton Town and Liga Quito have reached an agreement for the transfer of Oscar Zambrano. The fee for the youngster, who played at the Under-20 World Cup for Ecuador, has been set at £5.5 million.

Of course, not everything can be rosy, and the deal cannot yet be confirmed due to the unfinished house inside. The player will receive 15% of the transfer fee according to the amount clause, which the Albos are asking the player to waive.

Luton Town do not want to see the winter market collapse without closing the operation and, as Alan Nixon points out, they would be looking for a mediator who could resolve the matter for the benefit of all involved.

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