LeBron James explodes after Lakers loss

LeBron James to express this Saturday, on my 39th birthday, anger and disappointment in controversial decision which judges They kept the game against the Minnesota Timberwolves from going into overtime.

“Why the hell do we have a repetition if even with repetition they make mistakes?”

How did the play go?

LeBron he played it three on an epic shot to send the game to overtime, but The umpires said he touched the line and how so It was only two pointsa decision that even enlarged television images cannot make clear.

These three points would mean a draw. to 107 with less than three seconds left after the Lakers went up 107-100 with 36 seconds left. Final result: 108:106..

Obviously it’s a three. My foot is behind the line. You can see the space between my foot and the line. You can see the wood on the floor. “There is a place”

For the Lakers star solution the judges were “very unpleasant“.

LeBron showed that disappointment during the match, When after watching the referee’s game They decided to stick to their decision Initially, their screens seemed to show how the player’s foot did not actually touch the line.

In a statement to the NBA pool Judge Tony Brothers recognized What it was not clear to them whether James touches the three-point line or not.

“The play was ruled a two-point game on the court during the live game. After the video review there was no clear and convincing evidence to reverse it from a two to a three, and that’s why it felt like two points.”

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