LeBron James’ Son IN THE SIGHTS OF THE Miami Heat

Genetics – a guarantee of quality? Will the son of a great athlete be able to follow in his father’s footsteps? The answers to these questions cause eternal debate. However, the scion of a global basketball superstar may be very close to taking his first steps at the highest level. We mean nothing more than Bronny JamesYes son LeBron James.

The young man is barely 19 years old and works at Surda University. California. On May 6, 2023, he decided to protect an employee of the center through social networks.

Adversity seemed to be present in the path of the new athlete: on July 24, 2023, he suffered a cardiac arrest, due to which he did not appear on the courts for five months. Despite this, the player’s will was stronger, and he recovered safely.

LeBron James and Bronny together in the NBA?

Apparently, good news may surprise you in the future. One of my greatest prides LeBron James He may be about to take a giant step in his sports career. Without a doubt, it will be an extremely high-profile event. Team NBA can monitor progression Bronny! Will they hire him?

Windhorst mentioned that he was sent a video Bronny James warm-up and was able to watch as a Miami scout recorded the action.

The Heat do it“The specialist concluded.

League Top Scorer Halo N.B.And makes everyone think that we might have a good copy and that his son might be able to inherit much of his father’s talent.

Will it come true? Let’s remember this LeBron James He was part of the aforementioned organization between 2010 and 2014, achieving two championship rings as his most significant results.

King“He stated several times that his biggest dream is to play with his son in NBA. Will we witness this event? There is already a team aimed at Bronny.

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