Leftist ministers of the Boric government bid goodbye to the conservative Pinera with a guard of honor

A group of leftist ministers form an honor guard as a sign of respect that speaks to some of the positive characteristics of Chile’s institutions.

On Wednesday afternoon and evening, crowds of citizens paid tribute to the former Chilean president. sebastian pineraDied in a helicopter crash on Tuesday. The coffin included a guard of honor by six government ministers in recognition of the former President. gabriel boricfrom leftmost salvador allende In the 70’s.

That a group of ministers from the Left, among them ministerial spokespersons camila vallejoA member of the Communist Party forms an honor guard as a sign of respect for the only conservative president in the current democratic phase, which speaks of some positive peculiarities of Chile’s institutions.

According to ‘El Mercurio’, the honor guard of key ministers of the leftist government was “one of the most symbolic moments” of the funeral procession at the headquarters of the old National Congress.

Piñera, who died at the age of 74, was fired by Carolina Toha (Minister of the Interior), Alberto Van Cleveren (Foreign Relations), Camila Vallejo (Government Spokesperson and Secretary General), Antonia Orellana (Women), Mario . Marcel (Treasury) and Luis Cordero (Justice). In this case, right wing leaders of other parties also did the same. This Thursday, leaders of the Cristina Democracy and Socialist Party, two other groups that are staunch opponents of Piñera, will serve as a guard of honor.

When Vallejo was a student leader, she was very strident in her opposition to Piñera, and in the Conservatives’ second government she led two constitutional charges, which the left tried unsuccessfully against her.

“Political differences are public and known to everyone, but that does not mean that on behalf of the government we will give him a state funeral.” twice president of the republic, He was democratically elected,” Vallejo said.

Despite how polarized the situation is, there are certain political behaviors seen in Chile that are difficult to find in other countries. When Boric wins the presidential election in late 2021, his opponent, hard-right J.ose antonio cast, personally attended the Left leader’s hotel to recognize his victory and congratulate him. Only 40 minutes had passed since voting closed.

An hour and a half later, Boric and Piñera had a 20-minute live conversation on national television in which the outgoing president advised the incoming president on what the exercise of power would entail.

Pinera, who died of asphyxiation inside his helicopter after falling into the depths of a lake, will be euthanized this Friday with a state funeral in Santiago.

Boric was waiting for a plane to arrive on Tuesday afternoon chile air force Which carried the bodies of the Piñera family, headed by Cecilia Morel, widow of the former president and two-time head of state.

‘La Tercera’ highlights, “Borique approached to express his condolences. He went one by one, including the grandchildren, and offered his support. When he reached the place where Morel was waiting, So the President stayed longer to talk.”

“A few minutes later, Pinera’s widow positioned herself between Boric and Toha. The three spoke more calmly, while the wife of the former head of state explained clearly what happened in the tragic accident. Eventually, Boric Morel in a more intimate meeting with Piñera Toha and Van Cleveren shared with the whole family.”

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