Legal Medicine has already delivered the body of drummer Taylor Hawkins

Legal Medicine delivered on the night of this Sunday, March 27, the body of taylor hawkinsDrummer for the band Foo Fighters. The artist died, says the Prosecutor’s Office, from an overdose of psychoactive substances.

As it had become known, the repatriation of the body of Taylor Hawkins would be run by a private company and, to advance that process, the death certificate was required in which the cause of death was established.

Hawkins, along with the Foo Fighters, were scheduled to close out the first day of the Picnic Stereo Festival on March 26. As fans waited for the appearance, the 50-year-old drummer They tried to revive him in a room at the Casa Medina Hotel in northern Bogotá. Minutes later he was pronounced dead.

The report of the Prosecutor’s Office details that in the body of Hawkins 10 types of substances were found, among them a mixture of heroin with antidepressants.

Despite the first report, the accusing body assured that the investigation remains open until it is certain of the cause of Hawkins’ death.

Hawkins had been a part of the Foo Fighters since 1997, when he was hired by former Nirvana drummer and lead singer Dave Grohl.

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