LEGO Fortnite announces its first major addition: We’re going fishing!

LEGO Fortnite is updating to version 28.30 with its first major expansion. We’re going fishing with new fish, tools and resources starting Thursday, February 22nd.

More than two months have passed since launch Lego Fortnitesandbox mode with LEGOs in Fortnite, but it’s almost as if it were another game, a survival game with friends where you can build whatever you want.

There hasn’t been any major news in LEGO Fortnite since then, but that’s about to change on Thursday, February 22, with a big update that adds a much-coveted feature: fishing.

Fishing (already in regular Fortnite) is coming to LEGO Fortnite in update 28.30 called “To the Rich Fishing” with tons of fish, recipes and tools.

LEGO Fortnite Fish and Bait

Lego Fortnite

15 different fish and sea creatures debut in LEGO Fortnite’s rivers, lakes and seas, from goldfish to sherbet fish, Vendetta fish, gummy jellyfish or little blue jellyfish.

The first thing you should do first of all is create a fishing rod. Using a level 1 crafting bench, you can craft a regular fishing rod (and there are also uncommon, rare, and epic ones that are crafted from a frosty pine fishing rod).

Once you’ve cooked your catch, you can turn it into fish fillet, fried smoked fish, or black and blue shieldfish sushi using your new food processor.

Do you like fishing? Well, create a fishing zone with a bucket of bait to fish alone or with friends, and bring some joy to your town or village by attracting new villagers, fisherman and Bob.

Using the shovel you can also collect new resources, such as sand or glass from the beaches. Finally, the compass adds basic information to the HUD to make it easier for you to navigate.

LEGO Fortnite Update 28.30 releases tomorrow, February 22nd, and there’s more to it than just fishing mechanics. You can read about all press releases on the Fortnite website.

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