Letter of the year 2024 to Cuba and the world. Everything is ready for the ceremony

For devotees of the Yoruba religion in Cuba, the beginning of the New Year is not complete without the official publication of the “Letter of the Year”. A set of guidelines and predictions that will mark the fate of Cubans during the coming months.

The Orisha or ruling deity in 2023 was Obatala and had Oshun as his companion. The flag was white with a yellow stripe.

And as far as advice and warnings are concerned, we remember that he declared:

Problems associated with deterioration of the nervous system due to stress, and also diseases associated with high blood pressure or infections caused by vectors.

He also said that dacoity, crime and violent incidents will increase in the country. Also alcohol abuse.

But what is the letter of the year?

This important event is surrounded by fascinating rituals, where the Ifa Oracle, a divination board with its own signs, and the Babalawo and Orishas play an essential role.

letter of the year This is more than a simple forecast. It is a set of general instructions that are officially communicated to senior religious leaders during a special ceremony. These guidelines affect the future of the community, whether at the local or national level in the case of Cuba, which usually receives general instructions for the entire country.

These guidelines include recommendations for overcoming challenges, tips for achieving success in followers’ goals, and clues about potential tragedies that may arise during the year, preparing the community for what is to come.

Origin of the letter of the year

The practice of predicting the letter of the year is not new, dating back to the 19th century. Since then, babalawo from different regions of Cuba have been meeting since December to carry out various prophetic ceremonies, which will end on January 1 of the following year with the dissemination of guidelines.

The responsibility of receiving these divine guidances falls on a specific Babalawo, who retains it until health or other reasons require him to hand it over to another. In addition, there is an organizing commission that oversees the process, composed of other Ifa priests.

Contents of the letter of the year 2024

letter of the year It is presented in the form of a text that consists of words in Yoruba and focuses on a ruling sign. The sign provides detailed information about rituals, related proverbs, warnings about diseases, social events of interest, and general recommendations.

Rituals involve specific ingredients, procedures, and offerings, such as “abbo”, which may include a goat and five guiritos with indigo, honey and chorizo ​​butter.

There are high expectations regarding Letter of the Year 2024

letter of the year It is not only an important religious event but also a valuable guide for the Cuban community. In the context of socio-economic crisis, these guidelines become even more important, providing guidelines for believers to face the challenges ahead.

Everyone letter of the year Past calendars have left their mark, revealing predictions ranging from prosperity to impending challenges.

interest in letter of the year 2024 This is evident, as the community is anxiously awaiting guidance that will guide their actions and decisions in times of uncertainty.

letter of the year It is not only a tradition rooted in the Yoruba religion, but also a beacon of hope and guidance for Cubans looking for answers amid the ups and downs of life. The richness of this ceremony goes beyond mere spirituality, providing a framework for the community to face the future with strength and determination.

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From the Directorio Cubano we will announce predictions and recommendations in a few hours Letter of the year 2024, As soon as it is published by the priests and religious authorities of the island.


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