LG unveils OLED T, its first transparent wireless TV

Las Vegas – South Korean multinational LG presented this Monday the OLED T, its first transparent and wireless TV, as part of the CES consumer electronics show, an event that takes place this week in Las Vegas and brings together the international technology sector.

The TV is “virtually invisible” when it’s turned off, so if you put it in front of a window it won’t block your view.

This new model combines a 77-inch transparent 4K OLED display with LG wireless video and audio technology.

Behind the OLED T’s transparent panel is a contrast film that, with the press of a button on the remote control, can be raised to make the TV look like any regular OLED, or lowered if the user wants to see what’s behind the screen. .

The company described the model as a “transparent digital canvas” that can be used to display artwork, videos or photographs.

LG has not announced a launch date, but according to trade press, the company will release its new transparent TV this year.

The company also didn’t reveal the price, but expects it to be more expensive than its latest 77-inch wireless OLED model, which costs nearly $5,000.

At the presentation, LG also announced that new LG TVs will come with Chromecast built-in, meaning users will be able to cast videos, photos, music, games or their social media from their phone to the TV.

Smart home robot

At today’s event, the South Korean multinational unveiled other innovations such as a smart home robot that aims to create a “work-free home.”

The small 33cm robot, called an “artificial intelligence (AI) agent,” has two “legs” with wheels and can “move, learn, understand and engage in complex tasks.”

Today the company noted that the purpose of this machine is not only to help around the house, but also to provide company to both people and animals.

Your “face” is a screen that can convey your “emotions.” In addition, the machine can “verbally interact with users” and move around any space since it is equipped with a microphone and camera.

The robot can “autonomously patrol” the home, remind users to take their medications, and greet them at the door when they return home, among other things.

Tomorrow CES will open its doors to the public, and today some industry titans such as LG, Samsung or Sony will present their news to the press.

The annual event, which ends on Friday, will feature more than 4,000 exhibitors and hundreds of industry experts, with this year’s main theme expected to be artificial intelligence (AI).

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