Lily Collins and the open concept kitchen of her mansion in Pasadena

Collins is known for her role in the series Emily in Paris, since 2020, and also because, as you might think, she is the daughter of the famous singer Phil Collins, however, her success has not been married to her father’s fame.

Lily Collins has had more presence on the big screen than on the girl, with roles in the films Shadowhunters (2013), A possible dream (2009), Without scape (2011), The Heritage (2020) among other productions that have placed her in front of the screens, gaining recognition and experience with each accumulated performance.

Lily collins and the open concept kitchen of her mansion in Pasadena.

Of course, this has allowed him to amass a good fortune, totally detached from his father’s. Phil collinsand in this way he has acquired properties in exclusive places, such as his current home located in Pasadena, California.

There the actress bought a house valued at 3.9 million dollars, with 3 bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms, with 3,425 square feet of construction on a lot with a total of 15,989 square feet, in which the gardens and the pool area They become a great attraction.

But it is also the sacrosanct place of any home, which is none other than the kitchen, although it does not have a huge surface, it has clean finishes and a large surface to carry out any preparation, with granite countertops and a push furniture opening system. of kitchen.

Lily collins and the open concept kitchen of her mansion in Pasadena.

One of the most attractive things is the window that allows light to enter the place as if it were outdoors, with only a narrow wall that divides this room from the dining room, which opens to the living room with only a fireplace. between both environments.

A kitchen and house with exquisite taste, full of simplicity and elegance, with a lot of light that enters through the huge windows that are on each wall of the house and that give the sensation of unification between the exterior and the interior.

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