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As is known, Alianza Lima plans to play in a 3-5-2 system next season, although this is not the only system they work in, but it is the coach’s favorite and according to which the squad is assembled. Therefore, although Garces is a right-sided central defender, in Restrepo’s scheme he was used as a libero, a position which he knew how to exploit during his stay in University of Cesar Vallejo. As you remember, in the “poets” team he alternated playing the roles of both libero and stopper on the left flank; For Restrepo, however, it is his position in the center of the three that convinces him the most.

Another case that has attracted the most attention is that of Ricardo Lagos, who has usually been Alianza’s undisputed left-back. However, it is worth remembering that when Carlos Bustos deployed a five-man defensive line in 2021, the Trujillo native filled the role of left winger, but since the team’s functions were more defensive, he carried out these tasks more than attacking.

However, it is known that the Colombian is looking for a team that is quite attacking, intense and physical, and from this point of view, preference is given to a left winger who has much more options, as in the case of Jamir D’Arrigo or Catriel Cabellos himself. Although Lagos was also used in this position, he was also used as a left central midfielder in some training sessions. In this position, the 27-year-old can use his technique and long-range passing in search of a more vertical attacking game.

This place in the countryside is not entirely unknown to “Richie” as in his time Carlos A. Mannucci He worked in this area before joining the La Victoria team. It is since he arrived at Matute, that is, for the last three seasons, that Lagos has been a left-back. Now, with his excellent technique, marking experience and long-range passing power, Restrepo is better able to utilize it in midfield. Thus, everything indicates that in 2024 it will be seen in a new facet with the “mica” of grons.

Other names that alternated in The playmaker or second striker is Kevin Serna. As we remember, the Colombian striker stood out as a right winger and, although everything indicated that he could be a right winger in Restrepo’s scheme, he began to be used as a player to accompany the “9”, be it Pablo Sabbagh or Hernan Barcos. Pace is one of the Colombian’s attributes and with more of a center forward in coverage, he can create more danger in the Alliance attack. Of course, it is obvious that the coach will be able to use him as a striker thanks to his excellent performance.

In a similar situation is Brian Reyna, who is usually a striker but has also been used as a second striker due to his off-balance and speed. Reyna, unlike Serna, has a greater imbalance when dribbling the ball one on one. Now the future of the football player in the blue and white store is not completely closed, as there are polls from foreign teams. There is interest in the attacker, and the board is awaiting formal proposals to analyze them. As for Restrepo’s decisions to seek new player positions, it is clear that the team will benefit the most.who gets more opportunities in different areas of the team in search of the 2024 Betsson League 1 title and an excellent Copa Libertadores campaign.

They’re postponing preseason

The EGB’s work in Lurin will end at the end of the year. Pre-season training for the Blue-Whites will resume on Wednesday, January 3, at the Alejandro Villanueva Stadium in Matuta. Alejandro Restrepo’s side plan to train at the Victorian Stadium until the morning of Saturday, January 6, as Depor learned that afternoon that the team would be moving to Cieneguilla. They will work at the sports complex until mid-January and in conditions of strict concentration.

And on January 15, the “Blue and White Night” will take place at the National Stadium. (the club is still fighting to play in Matuta, although the FPF disciplinary commission has not yet ruled on whether the punishment for the sports venue for the power outage in the 2023 finals also affects this type of friendly events). This will be the first test for Alianza de Restrepo and the opponent is expected to be an international club.

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