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This Thursday, January 5, Lima Alliance announced to Andres Andrade as his last foreign reinforcement for the 2023 season. After that, the Colombian soccer player -with a past in National Athletic, America, Atlas and León- declared before the media after his arrival at the intimate team and took the opportunity to refer to his departure from ‘Verdolaga’, as well as the alleged rapprochement he had with América de Cali before arriving in Lima. Of course, he confirmed that he is motivated by this new challenge in the blue and white squad.

In dialogue with ‘The Vbar Snail‘, the ‘Rifle’ revealed why he chose the La Victoria squad. “It was a decision made together by many things. First, by competing in the Libertadores, they have a very serious project. Alianza Lima is the biggest club in Peru and leaving the country again and raising the level is something that I have pending. It is a very important task and challenge for me to lead Alianza Lima to compete and transcend in an international tournament”, he mentioned.

Asked about the problems he had at Atlético Nacional, Andrade pointed out that many moments passed, which caused the objectives to not be achieved. “For a team to be the protagonist or have optimal performance and win titles, there must be a whole, a group. In a team, the dressing room must be healthy, the managers pushing, the fans. The change of coach, not having those long processes or perhaps the changes that were so sudden in the board of directors, were many things that happened and did not allow the team to qualify at 8 and be champions again ”.

He also held: “I am not the one to say it, what happens inside a dressing room and the institution must be respected. What you saw, you can keep it. Nacional was not aligned from managers, fans and players to meet the objectives ”revealed.

About the other offers and the rumor that brought him closer to América de Cali

The Colombian midfielder also pointed out that he had other offers to continue his football career, but that Alianza Lima was always ahead in the negotiations. “I wanted to participate in the Libertadores, experience an international tournament. The first option was to continue in Nacional and it couldn’t be done, so we started looking. There were several interested teams, but due to economic issues or things like having several players in the pipeline, it did not happen. There was a team that arrived a little late because the conversation with Alianza was already well advanced”, he asserted.

Finally, Andrade ruled out the rumors that brought him closer to América de Cali. “I don’t know who gave that news from America, it appeared in the press and social networks when I never had an approach. I got closer a year and a half ago when Juan Carlos Osorio was there, the teacher made every effort to get me there. It could not be given because he was a Nacional player, he had a contract and they were not going to pay the exit clause. I even had a conversation with Tulio, he told me that he was going to ask the board of directors, but there was never another call or approach ”he concluded.

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