Limay Blanco warns of strange encounter on Havana street: “I was scared”

Limay Blanco live-streamed an unexpected encounter that happened early this Friday as he was getting into his car AlamarIn the municipality of Habana del Este, in the company of his wife Glenda.

When the comedian was peacefully listening to music in his vehicle He saw a man lying on the roadside raising his hands as if asking for help.

In the pictures you can hear how the comedian and his wife were scared, they passed that place more than once, but did not dare to stop.

“You saw him, lying down with a briefcase at his side.”Limaye said, heeding his wife’s request not to stop the car.

“God forgive me if I did wrong, but I was afraid to stop. On the way to Almar at around 1 in the night, this man was on the side of the road while I was broadcasting live. The police was informed , but I didn’t do it.” Don’t stop because you know “how it is and I was scared”Limaye wrote in a subsequent Facebook post along with a screenshot showing the subject.

Facebook/Lime Blanco Comedian Captured

In the comments section of the publication, hundreds of followers of the comedian and the social work he does through his Christ Change Lives ministry told him that he did well not to stop., They asked him to take care and advised him not to drive at night because “the road is very bad.”

“You did very well, my brother, and this applies to everyone who drives down the road at any time, whether they see a woman or a man, they do not think to stop because the truth is that you Do it with a good heart but those who are waiting for you will not have pity on you or your family,” one internet user commented.

Some even commented on similar experiences.

“You did good brother. I was coming down Avenida Boyeros and Zapata on a motorcycle at about 1 a.m. one night and a man in underwear yelled ‘Help!’ Came out screaming. Anybody who knows Havana knows that two blocks away is the Havana police station. Zapata and he could have gone there. So the guy didn’t need any help, he was there to attack. Be very careful,” another follower said.

There are no other details about the incident at the time of this writing. Many wonder whether the police came to the scene to verify whether the person really needed help.

In recent months, several reports have appeared on social networks detailing the different tactics that many criminals adopt to attack their victims.

The surroundings of José Martí International Airport is one of the places that has been highlighted as a sensitive point.

In June this year, a driver reported How they survived an attack outside Havana airport, especially at the intersection of CUJAE traffic lights. In that case, the alleged victim – a private taxi driver – claimed that the attackers hid in the grass and were waiting for the right moment to get into the trunk and try to steal it.

“I never stopped, but we have to slow down because it’s a dangerous intersection, I was able to speed up, turn and get them away from me,” he explained then.

Although official media assure that the violent atmosphere is less than reported by networks and independent media, many citizens complain about the ineffectiveness of the police in protecting them from criminals, as well as in finding thieves and recovering stolen goods. Are.

An increasing number of citizens are turning to social networks to obtain information about stolen cars, motorcycles or even dogs. Many also promise rewards for information providing reliable information about stolen items and the alleged identities of the criminals.

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