l’incroyable robe with neckline, que la chanteuse arbore aux côtés de sa famille

Dua Lipa I ended 2023 with travel to india, during her visit to Rajasthan. La star n’a bien évidemment pas oublié de faire un crochet par Jaipur, l’une des villes incontournables de cet État. And it was here that he also decided to go through the New World, surrounded by his family.

Une fois n’est pas coutume, Dua Lipa is a poster with evening photographs. Elle s’est Prize en photo dans despositions qui ont d’ailleurs Beaucoup will delight your fans. Elle s’est même monrée avec Verre Negroni basically, avouant en avoir trop bu. And finally, this beautiful dress will take care of your followers.

Dua Lipa appeared in a low-cut dress and a luxurious fendu dress.

The whole world seems to be fascinated by this new thing. robe with liqueur by Dua Lipa. Selon plusieurs medias, no She finds and etc. Daily mail, il s’agirait même de l’ansemble le plus glamor de l’année. The young artist chose an unusual dress for Nouvel’s son in Jaipur: no neckline.

The robe worn by Dua Lipa in Jaipur is the most accurate item in the collections Tom Fordsat down She finds. Three lengths, it is characterized by a special deep neckline that runs down the pres jusqu’à are nombrils. This piece of wood is also on the center wall located at the kitchen level.

A robe that appreciated Dua Lipa’s beautiful silhouette.

In this robe, adorned with skirts and high collars, Dua Lipa will be a stunning outfit for the Année 2023 collection in India. Très légère et longue, this play is bien mis en valeur. the silhouette is considered beautiful from the actress Barbie. With the help of a stylist, she also thought about additional accessories rather than a small bag. Marnie visible in photographs sur l’une de ses.

Dua Lipa no plus double jewelry for the sublime on Tenu du Nuvel An. bouclé d’Oreille in gold It also has a thick onyx and metal molding. Tujour sat down She findsthis last wind of the brand Saint Laurent, from a meme that is a different thing. You can also see a Cartier watch in the son of Poignet.


Des fan sous lecharme de la chanteuse

Fans in the comments famous singer ont bien entendu inondé this is a new edition d’elogues. “You are wonderful”typical example écrit une internaute. “You déchires comme toujours!” »– a fan also commented. “The most beautiful woman in the world”– noted an Instagram user.

The cost of this attire and jewelry that Dua Lipa wears is probably three years, considering the origin of the jewelry. Habillée de la sorte, the singer can’t what Clore l’année en beauté. “I feel like I have a chance to finish my year in India. Merci à toutes les personnes merveilleuses qui nous ont tmoigné so big of love, de gentillesse, d’hospitalité et de de générosité »at-elle d’ailleurs écrit.

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