LineageOS 20 has already been released and arrives based on Android 13

Linage OS 20

LinageOS 20 is the new version of the system that arrives based on Android 13

Recently the developers of the LineageOS project, (the project that replaced CyanogenMod) introduced the release of LineageOS 20, based on the Android 13 platform. It is worth mentioning that the branch LineageOS 20 reached parity in functionality and stability with branch 19and it is recognized that it is ready for the formation of the first version.

In addition to the LineageOS 20 release, the formation of LineageOS 19.1 and 18.1 builds were also announced.

The continued maintenance of LineageOS 18.1 based on Android 11 is due to the fact that, starting with Android 12, the platform was ported to use eBPF for packet filtering, which led to the end of support for many older devices due to the unavailability of Linux with eBPF (4.9+) support for these devices.

For devices with kernel 4.4 (Qualcomm MSM8998), eBPF support has been backported, but porting is difficult for devices with Qualcomm MSM8996 SoC, tied to kernel version 3.18. When installed, all supported devices are offered their own Lineage Recovery by default, which does not require a separate recovery partition.

Main news of LineageOS 20

One of the main innovations that stands out from this new release is that moved to android-13 branch from AOSP repository (Android Open Source Project) as of December 2022. WebView browser engine is in sync with Chromium 108.0.5359.79.

Changed the version numbering format, instead of LineageOS 20.0, the version is released as LineageOS 20 to comply with the Android quarterly update model (Quarterly Platform Release, QPR). Similarly, the lineage-20 branch is formed in the repository instead of lineage-20.0.

In addition to this, in LinageOS 20 a new application to work with the camera: Aperture. In the previous branch, for technical reasons, the use of the Snap application (a fork of Qualcomm’s camera) had to be abandoned, instead of which the normal Camera2 application for AOSP was included in the delivery.

Given the Camera2 app does not provide many features necessary and is too primitive for the average user, a new Aperture application based on the CameraX library has been prepared for LineageOS 20. The program supports additional cameras, allows you to select the frame rate of the recorded video, provides full control of digital image stabilization (EIS, electronic image stabilization), and includes a level for evaluating the angle of the device.

Another of the changes that stands out from the new release is that Android TV builds offer a navigation interface edit (Android TV Launcher), without showing ads. Moved support for some Google TV-specific features, such as a two-panel interface with settings.

Of the other changes that stick out of this new release of LinageOS 20:

  • The sound control panel has been completely redesigned.
  • Added support for builds with a regular Linux 5.10 kernel and a specific GKI (Generic Kernel Image) kernel based on the 5.10 branch.
  • Improved Photo Gallery app (a fork of AOSP’s Gallery app).
  • Improved system update application.
  • Added layout option for Android TV.
  • Improvements have been made to the Jelly web browser, Etar calendar, and Seedvault backup software.
  • The sound recording software (Recorder) is adapted to use the built-in functionality offered in Android. Implemented the ability to use the “Material You” design concept.
  • Added support for high-quality stereo recording.
  • Removed the binding of the adb_root service to the property that determines the build type.
  • Simplified transfer of vulnerability fixes to the LineageOS codebase.
  • Full support is provided for compiling using LLVM.
  • Implemented light design mode for dropdown panel with quick settings.
  • The setup wizard has been updated, adapted for Android 13 and translated into a new design style.

If you are interested in learning more about it, you can do so from the following link.

Download and get LinageOS 20

For those interested in being able to try this new version, they should know that it is officially prepared for 51 device models (although unofficial versions are not long in coming for more devices). LineageOS can also run on Android Emulator and Android Studio. In addition, the ability to incorporate Android TV and Android Automotive mode is provided.

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