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Mateo Messi

Mateo Messi.

Mateo Messi.

Mateo follows in his father’s footsteps with great skill.

Mateo Messi, son of a star Lionel Messi, is already following in his father’s footsteps. He also plays football and is already mesmerizing with his movements.

Over the past few hours, a video of Mateo, who is only 8 years old, doing his thing, showing off his quality on the ball, has gone viral on TikTok and X.

In a video lasting just over a minute during an Inter Miami Academy match, Mateo stole the show. He scored three goals with excellent possession and control. Mateo appears dressed in white and wearing the same number as his father on his back.

Mateo primarily identifies a right-wing crusader; he then does the luxury of stepping on the ball, turning and finishing. He then stops the ball with his back and right hand and identifies the goalkeeper’s exit. three great goals. But the video contains more images of the baby’s other plays.

On December 8, Mateo was already trending in the networks for his excellent goal in the Inter Miami Youth League.

Lionel Messi He has already noted in various interviews that he tried to instill football in his sons Thiago, Mateo and Ciro, especially since the family moved to the USA.

“The other day they went to play, they had a game. Thiago walked in and didn’t even look at you from outside. And Mateo comes in, looks at you, says hello, applauds, plays and looks at you. They are different, but the same as everyone else,” Messi said in an interview.

“Messi’s legacy continues,” said a post shared by users on X.

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