Liquid bob: what is it and why is it (and will it be) a trend?

In search of the latest trends in hair, the haircut liquid bob is occupying all feeds from Instagram. And it’s not surprising, two super trends from last year have come together and are giving a lot to talk about. On the one hand, the Bob wins integers, while the liquid hair became the dream hairstyle of 2021. In fact, kim kardashianHailey Bieber or Lucy Hale adopted this style. What if both trends merge? From this union is born liquid bobthe haircut dream that you want to adopt this year.

What is the liquid bob?

It is a smooth mane, ultra bright and soft fused with the bob cut. The finish is as if the hair had undergone a keratin treatment. The last to fall for this trend has been Vanessa Hudgens at the 2022 SAG Awards, one of the outfits evening favourites. The shine of her hair was on another level, her shape immaculately straight and a cut Bob above the shoulders were keys to get the, already so demanded, liquid bob.

How to get a liquid bob?

The appearance of shine in the hair of Vanessa Hudgens It was not achieved naturally, but her stylists used a spray to add extra shine to her hair. A hair so bright can only be achieved after keraquine treatment or with specific products for it. Luckily, we have made a selection of the best products to wear a liquid bob heart attack

Shiny Ever After by GHD

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East spray of GHD is a shine enhancer that will instantly make your hair look radiant all day. Its formulation is light so it does not stain the hair. In addition, it has a light scent that will make you enjoy a Good hair day.

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Glimmer Shine by Moroccanoil

For sale in Druni (22.99 euros)

East spray it’s like a hair illuminator, literally. In addition to attracting and reflecting light, it protects hair from UV rays. You just need to spray it at a distance of approximately 25 centimeters and let it act for about four minutes. The best? don’t leave one greasy feeling nor does it dirty the hair.

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