Live Fiorentina – Sampdoria: 3-1 Serie A 2021/2022. Live the match

  • Where the game is played:

    Stadium: Artemio Franchi
    City: Florence
    Capacity: 47415 spectators14:21

    Artemio Franchi
  • Midweek Serie A round that opens with Fiorentina hosting Sampdoria at the Franchi: the Viola chase the fifth position of Roma, Doriani who want to keep the relegation zone at the right distance.14:21

  • Sampdoria won both matches of last season against Fiorentina (2-1 in both circumstances) and have not collected at least three consecutive wins against Viola in Serie A since February 2005.14:22

  • The formations of the match are official: FIORENTINA with the classic 4-3-3, Terracciano – Venuti, Martinez Quarta, Igor, Biraghi – Bonaventura, Torreira, Duncan – Callejon, Vlahovic, Sottil.18:17

  • Available to FIORENTINA: Rosati, Benassi, Frison, Odriozola, Distefano, Amrabat, Kokorin, Saponara, Maleh, Milenkovic, Nico González, Terzic.18:18

  • The formation of SAMPDORIA: 4-4-2 for D’Aversa, Audero – Bereszynski, Ferrari, Colley, Murru – Candreva, Silva, Thorsby, Verre – Gabbiadini, Caputo.18:19

  • Available to SAMPDORIA: Falcone, Chabot, Ravaglia, Trimboli, Augello, Quagliarella, Askildsen, Yepes, Yoshida, Dragusin, Ciervo.18:21

  • Italian opts for Martinez Quarta and not Milenkovic in defense, in midfield space for Duncan, in attack with Vlahovic the couple Callejon – Sottil: only bench for Nico Gonzalez.18:22

  • In Sampdoria only on the bench for Yoshida, it will be Ferrari paired with Colley; in attack Caputo will team up with Gabbiadini, Quagliarella ready to enter the second half.18:22

  • The referee Federico Dionisi directs the match.18:23

  • 1 ‘

    START FIORENTINA – SAMPDORIA! First ball for the Viola.18:34

  • 2′

    Fiorentina with the classic purple suit, Sampdoria in red on the road.18:35

  • 3 ‘

    Punishment for Fiorentina: Callejon puts the ball in the center, a too long ball that Sottil saves on the opposite side before the exit.18:37

  • 4 ‘

    Biraghi’s tense cross, Audero knocks out: Torreira arrives on the ball and is knocked down at the edge of the area, another punishment for the Viola.18:38

  • 5 ‘

    BIRAGHI! Powerful free kick that crosses the barrier, ball that ends just above the crossbar.18:39

  • 6 ‘

    Vlahovic’s heel in the area, Ferrari sweeps away: Sampdoria struggling to get out.18:40

  • 7 ‘

    Conclusion of Gabbiadini from distance, easily blocks Terracciano.18:41

  • 9 ‘

    Fiorentina who is occupying the half of the field of Sampdoria, guests waiting to hit on the counterattack.18:43

  • 10 ‘

    VLAHOVIC! Powerful left from distance, Audero blocks in two strokes!18:43

  • 11 ‘

    Biraghi’s cross is blocked, the ball goes to Callejon who ends with power but hits Murru.18:45

  • 13 ‘

    On the ground Verre after a contrast with Torreira: the midfielder Doriano leaves the field, Sampdoria in 10.18:47

  • 14 ‘

    Cross by Candreva, Igor in the corner: Sampdoria is seen forward again.18:48

  • 15 ‘

    GOAL! Fiorentina – SAMPDORIA 0-1! Network of Manolo Gabbiadini. Cross with Candreva’s southpaw, the tip of the head sends to the far post where Terracciano cannot reach.

    Look at the player’s profile Manolo Gabbiadini18:49

    Manolo Gabbiadini
  • 16 ‘

    Torreira risks a lot on the pressing of Gabbiadini, foul by the author of the goal.18:50

  • 17 ‘

    Hard intervention by Ferrari on Vlahovic, foul by the central and free-kick from the edge for Fiorentina.18:51

  • 18 ‘

    Powerful free kick from Vlahovic, high ball over the crossbar.18:52

  • 20 ‘

    A lot of possession for Fiorentina who, however, are now struggling to find space against the orderly defense of Sampdoria.18:54

  • 21 ‘

    STATISTICAL PILL. Gabbiadini’s last away goal in Serie A dates back to July 2020 in Udinese – Sampdoria.18:55

  • 22 ‘

    Vlahovic looks for the touch to follow to pass Colley, the ball that ends directly in out.18:56

  • 23 ‘

    GOAL! FIORENTINA – Sampdoria 1-1! Network of José María Callejón. Cross by Sottil, the Spaniard arrives at the far post and, flat, bags the equalizer!

    See the player’s profile José Callejón18:58

    José Callejón
  • 24 ‘

    Classic goal from Callejon who comes strong behind the full-back and bags the cross cut by Sottil, skilled in the right cross.18:59

  • 26 ‘

    Fiorentina who continues to push, Callejon’s cross that Audero rejects with his fists.18:59

  • 27 ‘

    Counterattack Sampdoria, Caputo tows and launches Candreva, closes Igor.7:00 pm

  • 28 ‘

    Very high rhythms, Callejon’s conclusion from distance, high ball over the crossbar.7:00 pm

  • 29 ‘

    Cross from Sottil, Vlahovic tries the cut at the near post but Ferrari anticipates it.19:03

  • 30 ‘

    CAGES! Left from a decidedly secluded position, Terracciano crashes to the ground.19:03

  • 31 ‘

    Very high rhythms in this phase of the match, teams that are facing each other openly.19:06

  • 32 ‘

    GOAL! FIORENTINA – Sampdoria 2-1! Dušan Vlahović Network. Insertion of Bonaventura, powerful cross on the far post for the striker who, with his head, bags without problems!

    Look at the player’s profile Dusan Vlahovic19:07

    Dusan Vlahovic
  • 33 ‘

    Immediate reaction of Sampdoria, Candreva’s cross for Murru who kicks on the fly: ball very far from Terracciano’s goal.19:08

  • 34 ‘

    Vlahovic gets rid of Colley and enters the area, a winning double from Murru who blows him the ball.19:08

  • 35 ‘

    Callejon’s tense cross, Audero anticipates Vlahovic at the exit.19:09

  • 37 ‘

    BONAVENTURA! Powerful left by the midfielder rejected by Verre, Fiorentina protests for a touch of the hand.19:11

  • 38 ‘

    Cross by Biraghi, an almost mocking deviation Audero: the goalkeeper returns to position and blocks the ball.19:12

  • 39 ‘

    SAMPDORIA OPPORTUNITY! Bereszynski returns to the left and has a powerful shot from inside the area, high ball over the crossbar.19:13

  • 40 ‘

    MORE BONAVENTURA! Fake right and left-footed shot, Audero blocks in two halves.19:13

  • 42 ‘

    WARNED Manolo Gabbiadini. Tactical foul of the striker to stop Sottil’s advance, yellow for the author of the Dorian goal. 19:16

  • 43 ‘

    Cross by Biraghi, another exit from Audero that anticipates Vlahovic.19:17

  • 44 ‘

    Callejon’s cross, Thorsby forced into a slip to put in a corner: Fiorentina closing forward.19:19

  • 45 ‘

    GOAL! FIORENTINA – Sampdoria 3-1! Network of Riccardo Sottil. Biraghi finds Bonaventura at the far post, his deflected shot becomes an assist for the winger who, from two steps, bags the goal.

    Look at the player card Riccardo Sottil19:19

    Riccardo Sottil
  • 45 ‘+ 1’

    One minute of recovery.19:19

  • 45 ‘+ 2’

    THE FIRST HALF OF FIORENTINA – SAMPDORIA ENDS! 3-1 at the interval, a match full of emotions at the Franchi.19:20

  • Fiorentina recovering the momentary disadvantage, created by Gabbiadini on Candreva’s precise cross, going to the net on three occasions with his three forwards: first Callejon on an assist from Sottil, then Vlahovic on a perfect pass from Bonaventura.19:22

  • In closing, Sottil scores the goal that could close the match: Biraghi catches Bonaventura on the far post, deflected conclusion and tap in the winner of the winger.19:22

  • STATISTICAL PILL. For the first time in Serie A, Riccardo Sottil has both scored and provided assists in the same match.19:23

  • 46 ‘

    THE SECOND HALF OF FIORENTINA – SAMPDORIA BEGINS! It starts from 3-1 of the first fraction.19:38

  • 47 ‘

    Punishment for Fiorentina: scheme with Biraghi who draws Venuti, low cross that Murru puts in a corner.19:40

  • 48 ‘

    Cross from Venuti, bank from Martinez Quarta for Vlahovic: the purple striker anticipated by Colley.19:41

  • 50 ‘

    Fiorentina who started the second half as he had finished the first, in complete possession of the pace of the game.19:42

  • 51 ‘

    CAGES! Launch for the striker who tries the right shot from a tight angle, ball to the side!19:43

  • 52 ‘

    Terracciano forced to head out of the area to anticipate Caputo.19:44

  • 53 ‘

    BONAVENTURA! Powerful left hand from the edge, central outer neck that Audero blocks in two strokes.19:45

  • 54 ‘

    SAMPDORIA substitution: Nicola Murru leaves, Tommaso Augello enters.19:47

  • 54 ‘

    SAMPDORIA substitution: Valerio Verre exits, Riccardo Ciervo enters.19:47

  • 55 ‘

    SAMPDORIA substitution: Francesco Caputo exits, Fabio Quagliarella enters.19:47

  • 56 ‘

    D’Aversa decides to revolutionize his attack, Ciervo and Quagliarella to give more imagination forward.19:48

  • 58 ‘

    On the ground Vlahovic after a blow suffered by Colley, the striker gets up with difficulty but signals that he can continue the game.19:51

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