#LIVE: Rescue of the miners in Cerro Maimón

The miners Gregory Alexander Méndez Torres and Carlos Yépez Ospina, who had been trapped in the southern area of ​​the mining concession in Cerro Maimón, Monseñor Nouel province, were rescued this Tuesday, after spending 10 days underground.

President Luis Abinader went to the mine area to receive them and highlighted the courage that both have had to survive. In addition, he thanked all those involved in the rescue work of the Dominican and the Colombian.

Abinader also prayed an Our Father to thank God.

The rescue took place at 11:16 am on Tuesday, August 9, after accessing them through the new diversion tunnel referred to as Rescue Route B, one of the two routes that had been created since the beginning of the rescue plan. to reach the point where the two miners were.

In the operation, which lasted 10 days, more than 70 Cormidom underground mining experts participated, led by Paul Brown, Ben Burges and Sedden Temple.

The rescue team was supported by 40 technicians in the areas of geology, geotechnics and mining engineering, including Dominican nationals, as well as those from Australia, the United States, Mexico, Colombia and Peru who provide services to the mining company and who worked in the surface.

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