Los Angeles residents oppose Fast & Furious

Whether in France or the United States, urban rodeos do not have good press at the moment. And just because we’re called Fast & Furious doesn’t mean everything has to be tolerated.

Thus, the inhabitants of the neighborhood of Angelino Heights, one of the oldest neighborhoods of Los Angeles oppose the filming of Fast X, the eleventh issue of the saga which has already collected more than six billion dollars at the box office. since 2001. Indeed, it is in this peaceful district that is supposed to live Dominic Toretto, key character of the film, who is interpreted by Vin Diesel. This is also where the family store, Bob’s Market, is located. As a result, this district has become a sort of place of pilgrimage for fans of the film, and many speed fans have fun reproducing the figures dear to the stars of Fast & Furious.

Traces of runs have become commonplace in the neighborhood.
Traces of runs have become commonplace in the neighborhood.

For residents, this must stop as soon as possible. Thus, when filming began, they gathered to deplore the negative impact of the franchise on the recurrence of illegal urban races, generally in the middle of the night. For Damian Kevitt, the founder of the SAFE association: “the Fast and Furious saga made it possible to “glorify an illegal activity” transforming Angelino Heights into a “tourist destination for street racing”. “Fridays, Saturdays, Sunday evenings, there will be three, four, five, six cars coming here to do ‘burn-outs’, and ‘donuts'”, that is to say maneuvers where drivers squeal their tires, assures Damian Kevitt. “There were no street races in the neighborhood before Fast and Furious was filmed there,” he adds.

The residents, who have thus asked the city to install speed bumps and a zero tolerance policy, also want the Universal studio to move this emblematic filming location to another location and for a mention to be added to the credits of Fast and Furious in order to incite the public not to participate in these illegal races.

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