Lourdes Mendoza wins moral damages case against Emilio Lozoya

Journalist Lourdes Mendoza Peñaloza Wins lawsuit filed against former Pemex director, Emilio Lozoya Austin For moral damage, for which he must pay compensation.

The ruling states: “The ordinary civil procedure has been appropriate in which the plaintiff María de Lourdes Mendoza Peñaloza proved moral damages, and the defendant, Emilio Ricardo Lozoya Austin, did not justify his exceptions and defenses; As a result, the right of the plaintiff is declared be compensated for moral damages That the defendant provoked him.”

Resolution organized by La Razon It is mentioned that the moral damage caused to the journalist directly affected his property, feelings, affection, trust, dignity, respect, reputation, personal life and consideration of others.

Thus, the events narrated by Lozoya Austin F.not considered true And/or its authenticity has not been proven.

Former federal official will have to repay this amount 500 thousand pesos As soon as the resolution is enforceable and if not, a writ of execution will be issued against him. However, the journalist will donate the funds in favor of the Transitional Stay Center for Boys and Girls of the Attorney General’s Office of Justice. Mexico City .

Emilio Lozoya assured that he had bought a luxury bag in a store in Polanco as a kind of gift, which the journalist rejected,

“Connected matter. Do you remember when @EmilioLozoyaAus said I received extremely expensive bags from @EPN officials and his complaint was read in @lopezobrador_ this morning? Well, I didn’t let their lies or sexual violence go by. Today, after three incidents, I have already beaten him and demonstrated that he is a big liar, that he defamed me, so he has to compensate not only the moral damage caused to me, but also the costs to my lawyers and Expenses will also have to be paid. @coellotrejomx,” he wrote on the network.

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