“Loyalists” and “traitors”, Xavier Miley’s furious tweets after omnibus law collapse return to committee

after the shock of the fall of omnibus law In this CongressFor return of the project to the committee, the Chairman xavier miley Found no better way to react to defeat than sharing List of representatives including names and photos Who decided not to support his deregulation and privatization initiatives, on which he said “Cheat” And “darkness,

The head of state learned of the parliamentary setback in the middle of his official visit to Israel and, after visiting the Western Wall in Jerusalem, shared two harassing tweet, one of your Office of the PresidentWho first thanked the PRO Bloc that presided over Christian Ritondoto the deputy miguel angel pichettoAnd to the UCR sector that supported the project for its support.

But secondly, the Presidency publication highlighted “treason“Obstacles were put up in the voting of special articles this Tuesday by all the blocks. “The people will never forget the names of those who decided to continue playing into the hands of caste while being able to facilitate reforms elected by 56% of Argentines.”

Thus, after this a List Each “dialogue” with details of the legislator who decided to put a stop to Miley’s personal promotion, which demanded the delegation of extraordinary powers and wholesale privatization in many sectors. ,Here is a list of loyalists and traitors who used the discourse of change to be able to rob a bank.Miley commented.

,they voted against the people“, the tweet reads, where representatives of We Form Federal Coalition (HCF), federal innovation, by Santa Cruz, Production and Tasks (PyT), buenos aires libre And a sector of ucr,

Not satisfied with this, the President shared another publication from one of his trolls with the “Mega Thread” Names and faces of traitors and extortionists Of the Argentine people”, in his words.

After sharing the tweet, Miley commented: “Unforgettable thread. Here you can map some names of poor caste with their faces…, He escracheIn a heated social context, this implies serious damage to the security and integrity of legislators.

President too He liked several tweets from different accounts which read threats As “There is a high price to pay for betrayal.” (from La Libertad Avanza), “For the enemies of freedom, nor for justice” (José Luis Espart); In some he regarded Peronists as “pedophiles” and “child rapists” and radicals as “little prostitutes of Peronism”, while others suggested they go to “war”.

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