Luis Cruz denounces the millions he is owed for the sale of Palma and refers to the crisis in Vida: “Everything was crap”

Aris from Greece paid the Honduras team very low amounts; They owe them the original transfer and almost all the money Celtic paid for the foreign player.

The president Life, Luis Cruzreappeared after several months in which Seibenho’s side endured a bitter period in which they suffered delays in the payment of wages and will therefore have to start pre-season training late.

The coconut team did not pay wages for the months corresponding to October and November, and also decided to reduce wages by 20%, the situation, according to the businessman, has already been resolved, so work will finally begin, albeit two weeks after the start. tournament Closing 2024.

“I have already paid for the forms as well as the National League registration fee, now it’s time to sort out the other business we have at TAS and get everyone ready for the start of the championship.”

“We understand people’s frustrations, but I hope to see that as soon as they complain, they come to the stadium, the same 700 people always come. To keep the team afloat, we need full support,” the red leader commented to the Sin Anesthesia program.

The President called on all members of the organization, players and coaching staff to begin pre-season training this Saturday, January 6. Cross responded to claims of neglect of the institution due to its absence from the country.

“My duties in the company do not allow me to be here all the time; I have to look after seven buildings. I have to dedicate my time to the team, although physically I will not always be involved, since I cannot live off the team. Life because it doesn’t bring me a penny of income.”

“During the last tournament we had nine (cash) deficits, I have to work to pay a salary of 80 thousand dollars a month,” replied the owner of the Seibenyo club.

Belonging Life The legionnaire sensation of Honduras has arisen, Luis Palmawho is currently a figure in Celtic from Scotland. However, the team that formed it received virtually nothing from Aris Thessaloniki Greece for the attacker’s translations.

“We made the first transfer for 200 thousand euros, we save 35% of the token in case of a future sale, so we did not receive the first payment.”

“He Celtic bought from Louis for 4.8 million euros, he knows it, I told him before, when everything was organized in Portugal, “don’t go to Aris”, but his agent insisted that this is the best place, that the president there is a good guy and at the same time time In the end everything was crap because we actually didn’t get paid for the first transfer. “The percentage we’ve had is kind of painful,” Cruz said of the economic downturn.

Of the 50 thousand euros (1.3 million lempiras) they should receive for moving Palma to CelticHe Aris He paid them just €1,306 (£27,000).

“We are acting to demand our fair share. We supported Luis, and although we did not even receive the entire initial transfer, Aris owes us about 50 thousand euros from the transfer. Palm“, he decreed.

Vida is waiting for the millions of lempiras that Aris owes her for selling Luis Palma to Celtic.

The president Life it turned out that they had already filed a claim with FIFA to have the Greek club pay them the amount corresponding to them, both the full payment of the original transfer completed in January 2022 and the money paid to them Celtic in August last year.

“We have already filed a lawsuit because it seems unfair to us, we are glad that Luis is violating it and everything is fine with him, but at the end of the day, the institution needs this income to survive,” the coconut palm executive concluded.

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