LUMA Energy maintains that 56.1% of its subscribers have electricity service

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The Emergency Portal of the Government of Puerto Rico highlighted, during an update published tonight, Friday, that 56.1 percent of the consortium’s subscribers LUMA Energyor about 823,098 subscribers, already have electricity service after the passage of hurricane fiona.

The graph also maintains that 93 hospitals have been energized, and that of those 93 institutions, they confirmed that 89 have electricity. In addition, the consortium highlighted that 32 facilities of the Water and sewage Authority (AAA) have service.

During a press conference earlier in the day, engineer Daniel Hernandezspokesperson for LUMA Energy, indicated that from Thursday to today there was an increase of 120,000 customers, although he emphasized that they are still giving priority to what he called “critical loads”, which refers to bringing energy to essential service facilities, such as hospitals and factories that supply what is necessary to care for patients.

“LUMA continues to coordinate with PREPA and other private generation companies, which are working hard to reenergize crucial generation facilities and increase available generation so that we can restore electricity service to more customers,” the consortium highlighted on the portal.

Regarding generation, the Electric Power Authority (AEE) indicated that they have 1,411 megawatts, and that personnel carried out tests and normalization of the systems of Unit 1-4 of Aguirre, “synchronizing it to the electrical system at 12 :33 p.m.”

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