Lupillo shares a passionate kiss with Giselle Soto and is criticized for labeling Jenni Rivera

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Lupillo Rivera and Giselle Soto

The singer Lupillo Rivera wanted to share with his more than 1.5 million Instagram followers a photo of his romantic vacation in Cancun where he traveled with Giselle Soto to disconnect from the world and rest. The couple shared their happy moment on their social networks, looking very much in love.

“Enjoying you AMORE…it’s another level of fun…. @gorgizz #cancun #lupillorivera #jennirivera ”, wrote Lupillo Rivera next to the photo where he appears kissing his young partner, with a crystal clear turquoise sea in the background.

His audience filled him with comments of all kinds, even joking about the artist’s past romance with singer Belinda, but what caught the attention of many was that he included Jenni Rivera’s name in the hashtags.

“And what does jennirivera have to do with it? why put it?”, “Why put #jennirivera?” Some wondered. While others drew their own conclusions. “So that more people see their posts and thus have more exposure”, and “Because that’s where they eat”, were some of the comments.

The couple has been in a relationship since 2020. Both have an age difference of 24 years. While he has just turned 50, the young cosmetologist is only 26. “Is she your daughter?” Asked a netizen after uploading the post, while others highlighted the great resemblance that Soto has with Shakira.

For her part, Giselle Soto uploaded two photos of her idyllic vacation with the singer to her networks, the same image where they appear kissing and another of her alone wearing a provocative and tiny white bikini.

“By the sea, life is tastier @lupilloriveraofficial,” he wrote next to the photo that quickly exceeded 9,000 likes.

“How lucky Lupillo! She is a beautiful woman”, “Completely beautiful, from head to toe”, “How beautiful, this is natural beauty”, and “How beautiful you are, they make a beautiful couple”, were some of the comments that were written to her.

Since being together, the couple have enjoyed several idyllic trips. Last year they traveled to the Turks and Caicos Islands. They have also toured different places in Mexico.

The businesswoman and cosmetologist has not hidden the deep love she feels for the singer. Last January she celebrated her 50th birthday with a beautiful message. “I wish you all the best in the world and I ask God to bless you with 50 more years to enjoy them by your side! You are a very special part of my soul and heart. Thank you for being everything you are in my life!!! There are no words to describe how much I love you. My God I love you so much!!!!! Papaciito!!”, she wrote to him.

While in another publication, she highlighted how valuable the moments she spends with her lover are for her. “Time is too valuable to waste on anything other than love, good vibes and happiness,” she wrote alongside the romantic picture of her.

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