Madrid collapses in Monaco

Madrid played their worst match in a long time in Monaco season and something else (98-74). We can stress significant absence of Tavaresand to say that white people without their own internal reference can be very cold. Undoubtedly although that’s not all there is to it. The performance of the merengue was especially poor, perhaps due to fatigue and an exaggerated accumulation of meetings and trips; But For the first time this season, the team was completely out of action.. Without fluidity, or success, or legs; and without concentration and with insufficient attitude it is very bad in defense in front of the magnificent Monaco, as well as behind, and Mike James plenty: 15 points, 6 rebounds, 12 assists and 5 rebounds with a PIR of 32. Here comes the team that made it to the Final Four last May and was somewhat lost. James was also joined by returning starter Jordan Loyd, who was very accurate (19 points).

The carousel of starting losses, some very harmful due to the repetition of a mistake, was started by local residents. Only Koser and Hezonja looked a little more interested, but the Croatian missed two free throws and went down. Poirier, who fought first against Haite and then against Motiejunas, also could not find the ring and The opponent got into the rhythm of Michael Perry James, who scored 7 points and 6 assists in the opening act. and went into the break with 9+9 and 21 points in 17:42 on the hardwood. Campazzo was not aware of the MVP candidates along with James. The Argentine accumulated up to 4 defeats during the break (10 then for his team and 19 at the end).

Dec and Yabusele showed that it is very difficult to get back on the running train after a long break. (one month of absence of the first and one and a half months of the second). WithDown 13 (33-20, minute 10), Sergio Rodriguez made two triples and a good tackle (35-28), the only attempt to respond. It didn’t last long. Corneille, now a rival and acquaintance allergy to paint, he placed one there and patted the other comfortably; Lloyd scored 3+1; Yabusele wasted his third attempt under the basket and the margin remained at 16 (56-40) after two Merengue baskets and some errors from Sasa Obradovic. It even seemed like a meager income as seen on the field.

Mike James jumps on the ball.


Mike James jumps on the ball.

“You need to overcome fatigue no matter what”

There seemed to be more in the renewal. If in the first match Madrid won by 30 at the end of the third quarter (80-50), now Monaco was about thirty: 80-54. And they got closer at the beginning of the last match (83-54) with an opponent who was at the very bottom. Chus Mateo gave up and chose to allow Alosen to be presenthaving played only three of the previous nine continental matches (16 minutes in Munich and just a few seconds in the other two), instead of forcing a blurry Campazzo. Before that, he brought Ndiaye into the lineup while Rudy led the attack after sitting out eight games with a back injury., an eloquent portrayal of the situation. His senses returned in the midst of a shipwreck. “The situation will pass and we will find ourselves in a better physical moment than the current one”“, said the Madrid coach in the preview. And: “Moments of fatigue must be overcome, no matter what.”

A severe defeat that forces us to react. Yes, still some distance away from the worst performance in European Cup history – -35 against Varese (108-73) in 1970. In the Euroleague in 2017, they lost to Baskonia by 30 (105–75).

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