Make images disappear from Google Photos forever without taking up space.

Photos you deleted from Google Photos will remain there. for a while, even if you decide to delete them. You won’t see them in your searches and they will disappear from where they were, but they will continue to be in your account, taking up space for a long time. This is something you probably don’t know and the reason why you keep deleting photos and videos seeing that the available storage space is not increasing.

You don’t have to pay for Google One if you don’t want to, or upgrade your plan, because you can permanently delete unwanted photos. Be careful, if you want to save them, but not online, we recommend moving them to a good hard drive. The fact is that They are not eliminated and disappear suddenly, but they’ll go straight in garbage in which they will remain for 30 days unless you have a copy (or 60 if you do) unless you regret it and decide to delete them. Here, they continue to take up space in your account even if you deleted them.

If you are clear that you no longer want to have them and don’t want to wait a month, you can delete them. If you accidentally deleted a photo, easily recover it and do what we tell you below with the rest.

Get rid of unnecessary photos forever

What should you do to get rid of photos and videos you don’t need in Google’s famous storage? Empty trash. As simple as that. First you remove what you want and then you get rid of everything, freeing up the junk. This will be useful for you if you don’t have enough space in your account and don’t want your account to be limited or have to sign up for Google One, or simply if you want photos to disappear forever. The point is, you may not know it exists or you may not know where it is, so we’ll help you find it.

Google Photos Oppo mobile photos

This is very easy to do if you know how, so open Google Photos and be prepared to follow the instructions we give you. Have you opened it yet? Come on!:

  1. Click herein the “Library” option
  2. Above everything you will see trash boxin addition to photos of the device
  3. Click on this option
  4. You can now select the photos you want to delete at the top where it says “Select.”
  5. You can also delete them immediately by clicking on 3 points and empty
  6. When you do this, he will ask you if you understand clearly, Click “Delete Permanently”.
  7. Done, the trash can is now empty.

You will see that the photos you deleted do not appear anywhere, and if you deleted a lot, you will definitely notice it in an accessible place in your Google account. do it whenever, especially if you’ve deleted one or more photos, and you’ll see how you’ll free up space in Google Photos. This could be the reason why you keep deleting photos and videos and see that you are still running out of space, and as you can see, it’s an easy fix. Try it as soon as possible and you will notice the difference.

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