Malgré plus millions of euros from work, Kanye West’s bunker villa has lost its value

Kanye West, a famous rapper and entrepreneur, has recently been the subject of comments regarding his real estate choices. It’s undeniable that the world of real estate can be unexpected, and the latest developments by Villa Malibu de West are a case in point parfait, story by Le Figaro Immobilier, January 7, 2023. Il ya quelques années, Kanye West Expect interest in an impressive, unassuming beachfront location in Malibu. Designed by the eminent Japanese architect Tadao Ando, ​​this residence is a run-of-the-mill acquisition. This $57.3 million property is a true showcase of prestige and luxury.

Apparently, West’s financial situation and personnel are in turmoil, as well as his divorce from Kim Kardashian on the street. Malgre ces défispersonals, l’artiste a poursuivi ses investments immobiliers, acquérant d’autres proprietés aux États-Unis. This strategic choice to abuse the portfolio bears fruit, the car that accelerates the acquisition becomes incorrect in the market, as a gift to the lower prices for these initial payments.


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Important work needs

In particular, the city of Malibu is becoming a subject of concern. Although the sale price is currently set at $53 million, it is likely that an auction will open in the next few days. In fact, recent images of real estate in Monrent are very large, necessary for important renovation work. By using the services of real estate experts, these renovations will add millions of dollars in the long run.

The villa, although featuring exceptional architecture signed by Tadao Ando, ​​also has much of its value. The name of the Japanese architect is now a new outfit of passion for architecture, which can become an investor in this unique project. Compared to Kanye West, he represents the progressive sector of the immovable part, who wants to free up some of his property. Together with your partner, Bianca Censori, preferred company désormais séjourner dans des établissements luxueux plutôt que d’investr dans des biens immobiliers.

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