Man accused of hitting crew member also attacked police

Dallas- Man accused of punching airline crew member, then kicking police officer in the groin and spat on other agents who tried to pull him from a plane in Texas, according to a recent police agent report. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Keith Edward Fagiana is accused of interfering with the flight crew and could be sentenced to 20 years in prison.. He is scheduled to make his first appearance in federal court on Monday. Yellow, Texas.

Fagiana traveled on Wednesday to flight american airlines from Fort Worth to Bozeman, Mountain. The pilots landed the plane in Amarillo.

The FBI agent’s report appears in court documents released Friday.

The flight attendant told the FBI that another passenger complained that Fagiana was violently kicking his seat. The flight attendant said that when he asked Fagiana to stop, the man swore at him, punched him in the stomach, then stood up and punched him three more times.

The crew member and other passengers subdued the man and placed flexible handcuffs on him. until the plane landed in Amarillo.

An FBI agent testified under oath that as agents placed steel handcuffs on Fagiana, he spat on them and kicked one of them. After he was subdued, a protective “mask” was placed over his face.

The agent wrote that Fagiana said he didn’t remember anything about the flight, but “admitted that he drank some Captain Morgan.” – brand of rum – in some bars before the flight.

Fagiana’s lawyer could not immediately be reached.

Video recorded another passenger caught in an argument with a flight attendant.

Stop, stop, stop. What (expletive) are you doing?“, the flight attendant shouts to the man who beat him.

US airlines reported more than 2000 incidents involving unruly passengers before Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). However, this figure is lower compared to the maximum almost 6,000 incidents recorded in 2021when far fewer people were traveling due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In one of the most severe cases California man sentenced to 15 months in prison and he was ordered to pay nearly $26,000 in damages for punching a Southwest Airlines flight attendant in the mouth and breaking her tooth.

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