Man punches Miami Taco Bell employee: ‘Are you kidding me?’

Worker from Taco Bell in Miami He was brutally punched by a customer who approached the counter and complained, angry that he had blown up his own microwave while heating the product.

On the Miami Trouble Instagram profile, you can see a short video of the violent incident at Taco Bell in the City of the Sun.

Taco Bell is an American fast food chain offering classic Mexican dishes at affordable prices.

Everything seems to indicate that the buyer tried to heat up his purchase in the microwave and forgot to remove the aluminum wrapper that is used to keep the food warm.

The device exploded and its owner returned to the establishment. Taco Bell in Miami Blame the seller for what happened and demand compensation.

The employee was calm at first and even smiled when he realized what was happening, but the client did not take this reaction at all. His state of violence increased.

“I’m going to sue you,” the very upset man can be heard saying. The employee asked if he wanted new food, and the customer insisted, “You guys are going to pay for my damn microwave. She exploded! Are you laughing? He said and gave the seller a resounding slap in the face.

How this quarrel ended is unknown. Many people on social media are suggesting that the Taco Bel employee should press physical assault charges against this aggressive customer.

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