Manifest season 5: will there ever be more episodes?

After saving Netflix Manifesto As for the fourth and final season, many are still wondering if a fifth season is in the cards.

Created by Jeff Rake, Manifesto revolves around the story of the passengers and crew of Montego Air Flight 828, who reappeared after being presumed dead for five and a half years.

Manifesto The first season premiered on NBC on September 24, 2018. In October 2019, the channel renewed the series for a second season.

After the success of the second season, NBC renewed Manifesto for a third season in June 2020, but it was ultimately canceled by the network in June 2021 due to low viewership.

Despite the cancellation, Netflix swooped in and saved the series in August 2021, renewing it for a fourth season. The first part premiered on the streaming service in November 2022, and the second part debuted in June 2023.

Manifest renewed for season 5?

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In November 2022 Manifesto Creator Jeff Rake told Deadline that season four has 20 episodes. “it turned out to be a lot” so that they tell the series’ “full story”.

In a conversation with Entertainment Weekly in September 2022, Rake even revealed that he considered Part 4 of Season 2 to be Part 5:

“For my purposes, I just decided that I would treat this story as if we were given two 10-episode seasons.”

In an official statement during the fourth season renewal, Netflix hinted that bringing the series back allowed it to finish strong rather than risk cancellation:

“Jeff Rake and his team have created a compelling mystery that has viewers around the world on edge and believing in second chances again, and we’re thrilled they’ll bring some closure to fans in this final epic season. “

Rake’s comments implied that he and the writers were to write the fourth season as a true final season.

Interesting, Manifesto star Melissa Roxburgh told The Hollywood Reporter in November 2022 that she believed the third season was the last, noting that they had filmed “part of the finale” then:

“In season three they made us film part of the finale. That’s when I found out about it. I don’t even think they used what we filmed, but Jeff (Rake) decided that since we were filming it, he would tell us more. about what’s happening. But the scripts were the same for each season, we got them about a week before, so we didn’t have the details of the final episode until we were really in the middle of it. “It was so difficult that even when we filmed the finale, we didn’t have the whole script.”

Although Manifesto was saved previously by Netflix, it looks like it will only be a one-time thing, and a Season 5 is highly unlikely at this point.

ManifestoThe huge fourth season is a blessing in itself as it allowed the series to wrap up its story on its own terms.

Will there be an obvious spin-off?

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Manifesto The fourth season ended where it all began: on April 7, 2013, some passengers landed safely on the ground in New York City. The ending meant that deserving passengers were given a second chance at life.

Even though the series has managed to tie up loose ends, there is still potential for more storytelling opportunities.

In May 2023 Manifesto Lead actor Josh Dallas spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about potential spin-off ideas for the series, noting that such projects could “go to the future” and focus on Eden:

“I think there’s a lot of potential for a sequel or spin-off here. Maybe we’ll go to the future and see Eden (his character’s daughter) at age 21 or so as she travels the world, or we’ll follow younger passengers. Maybe we’ll go back to 2013 and do a deep dive with (NSA Director) Vance.”

Dallas’s comments about exploring Eden’s history in the distant future are interesting, but it would require an interesting story like the one Manifesto committed to moving forward.

However, it would seem repetitive if the spin-off contained the same premise as Manifesto did four seasons.

However, a strong approach for anyone Manifesto The spin-off aims to explore more of the supernatural elements and unexplained facets of the series.

One more season Manifesto It can also explore fresh stories for new characters, introducing more exciting storylines based on concepts that have already been introduced in the series.

All four seasons Manifesto available to stream on Netflix.

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