‘Map Wouldn’t Be Perfect’ If Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Wasn’t Exclusive, JRPG Design ‘Would Have to Go Back’, Square Enix Says – Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth

Video game producer Yoshinori Kitase notes that if the game were multiplatform, JRPG design would go backwards.

Thousands of players are enjoying open world Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has a lot of content to complete for all scenarios, but it says Square Enix much of what we see in JRPG would be different if not for an important factor that mainly affects the development team. Video game producer Yoshinori Kitase gave an interview to The Washington Post in which he explained the benefits of working in single platform.

The producer of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth explained why the development for hardware only This benefited the team. If not exclusivity, Square Enix’s RPG could have been a simpler game. “If it weren’t on the same platform, the map wouldn’t be perfect and the game design could I had to go back a lot” He notes. Another key to why Rebirth has evolved from Final Fantasy VII Remake is the retention of the team.

The Square Enix member positively appreciates what they have retained most of the employees for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. “By maintaining the bonds we created with our teammates from the first delivery, we were able avoid wasting time which would entail forming a whole new team,” he explains (via Gamingbolt).

What about a remake of Final Fantasy VII Part 3?

In the same interview, this seemed to be confirmed, but it was all a mistake, it was said that Final Fantasy VII Part 3 Remake would be exclusive to the PlayStation, but later it was clarified that “only “Part 1” and “Rebirth” again secured exclusivity.This means that neither of these two games may be coming to Xbox in the short to medium term. A few days ago, it was confirmed that the third installment of Final Fantasy VII Remake will release at the same time as Rebirth when the first game was released, indicating that the next JRPG installment could debut in 2028, although it is too early to tell . say.

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