Marcelo, from Olympique Lyon, is fired for gassing and laughing

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We thought we had heard everything in football, but what has been released this Tuesday in France is between the unlikely and the funny. The famous newspaper L’Equipe reveals that Olympique Lyon separated a footballer from the first team for flatulent! Yes, just as you read it, a “stinky digestive system” cost the Brazilian defender Marcelo Guedes.

It would seem like a football story among compadres, but we are talking about the Ligue 1 and one of the clubs with the highest crests in France, which currently has as its sports director to Juninho Pernambucanothe Brazilian legend who was a key player in the institution’s seven consecutive titles at the beginning of this century.

Marcelo Guedes, the flatulent player of Lyon

It was precisely Juninho who announced to Marcelo Guedes that he was out of the squad for fartingliterally all this after a match in August 2021 in which Olympique Lyonnais lost 3-0 against Angers. In dressing rooms -according to L’Equipe-, the Brazilian defender “behaved immaturely after the result” and devoted himself to “gassing in front of their peers and laughing out loud”.

At that start of the 2021-2022 season, everything was a mystery because the club released a brief statement informing the separation from Marcelo due to “an incident in the locker room”ordering him to train with the minor categories until further notice. Shortly after it was decided to drop him from Lyon after a talk between Pernambucano and the coach, Peter Bosz.

Contrary to the many cases we have heard of soccer players separated by drunkenness, car accidents or even skirt trouble, Marcelo Guedes was fired for flatulent. In January of this 2022 he signed with Girondins Bordeaux, but currently he is already without a team and waiting for some club to give him and his sphincters a new opportunity at 34 years old.

Notably Marcelo Guedes shared a dressing room with Maza Rodríguez at PSV between 2010 and 2011since the Mexican would go to the German Stuttgart and the Amazonian in 2013 went to the German Hannover, then to the Turkish Besiktas and finally to Lyon, from where he was kicked out in January.

Football legend considers it ‘ridiculous’ to separate footballer by gas

The information disclosed about the Brazilian player from Lyon had worldwide repercussions on social networks and even generated an opinion of Gary Linkerformer star of the England National Team.

“Kick him off the team for farting? Nowadays I’d get a life ban for shitting on a field. The game is gone.”wrote the historic English footballer on his Twitter profile.

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