Margaret II, respected monarch in Denmark with solid rule for half a century

margaret iiThe longest-serving monarch on the throne and the second longest-lived monarch in Danish history bid farewell to the throne yesterday after a solid 52-year reign, and has become a figure respected and admired by the majority of Danes.

girl who other January 14, but in 1972Suddenly declared queen after the death of her father Frederick IX, she abandoned the established monarchy, with 70% support for the institution, according to the latest polls, which give even more data about her personality.

“I like that woman”One of Denmark’s most beloved musicians, the now-deceased singer-songwriter Kim Larsen, has sought to justify his participation in a tribute to Margaret II for her seventieth birthday, years after declining one of House Real’s most prestigious orders. Asked for because he is a Republican.

Larsen’s words are an example of the majority’s good opinion about the emperor, who two weeks ago shocked his compatriots with the unexpected announcement of his abdication, breaking the centuries-old tradition of ruling until death and ending his own life. Contradicted previous words.

Margarita Alejandrina Thorhildur Ingrid, the full name of the 83-year-old queen, cited health problems after a complex lumbar operation and the need to make way for a new generation to justify the surprise decision, which her compatriots also support. Election.

widespread recognition

These days he is being praised from all parts of the political spectrum.

“Whether republican or monarchist, we must recognize that the Queen has played her role in the best possible way and that she has managed to unite Danes in all our splendor and diversity. An era is coming to an end,” announced Pelle Dragstad, the top political figure of the Unitary List, the farthest left party in parliament.

As a sign of opposition to the monarchy, representatives of this political formation usually enter the chamber later if the royal family is present, but this Monday they will make an exception as a sign of recognition of Margaret II.

The ruling Social Democratic party this week broke with a centuries-old tradition: From now on, its members will be able to accept decorations from the royal family.

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said in her New Year’s speech, “I was not born a monarchist. I became a monarchist because of the Queen.”

His long reign has been marked by prudence, sticking to his role as a unifying figure, avoiding getting into trouble, although he has taken advantage of his New Year’s Eve speeches – listening to them for many Danes. There was a tradition – to give one’s opinion on some issue or to draw attention to one’s subjects.

family scandals

Margarita II, who will retain the title of queen and the post of interim regent, has shown restraint in confronting some family scandals as they have arisen and ensuring that the institution is not overshadowed.

The most notable incident occurred in the summer of 2017, when her husband, Prince Henry, went a step further in his complaints about her role as wife and accused the Queen of “taking him for a fool” and not respecting him. While at the same time he once again reiterated his love for her.

The royal family revealed weeks later that he was suffering from senile dementia and was retiring from public life: he died months later after a tumor was found and his wish not to be buried in a royal cult was respected. .

Margaret II is also recognized for her role as a modernizer of the institution: following other European monarchies, last year she removed the titles of prince and princess from the offspring of her youngest son, Joachim.

The Emperor wisely accepted his mother’s public criticism, however, he did not give up.

The Queen’s popularity is also based on her artistic interests, which her compatriots highly value.

These include everything from creating sets and costumes for ballets, plays or films; Because of his love for the design or painting of the royal monogram, which has led him to exhibit in prestigious museums, despite the skepticism of some critics.

This week it became known that it has received two nominations for the Robert Awards, the Danish Film Academy Awards, for set design and costumes for a film released on the Netflix platform.

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