Margot Robbie Woolite Gal Gadot as Barbie

Seleon is an actress and producer whose Wonder Woman star matches Barbie Energy.

Seulement 33 years old, Margot Robbie This is a sizzle among the planet’s great stars, not the culmination of a huge success Barbie This is true. I remember how she was like an actress plus Indica to embody the character, she made it a point to choose another star for the role.

Margot Robbie This is the film’s producer and his beloved life in the years to come. Elle pensait d’abord à Gal Gadot to enter the claws of the Mattel doll. In an interview for Entertainment tonight El Decrete Gal Gadot There is “Notre-Barbie-reve” Malheureusement un problème d’agenda makes cooperation impossible, because it is not so. Gadot d’être “barbie energy barometervillage conditions Margot Robbie.

@entertainmenttonight Margo and Gal are typical Barbie best friends. 💖 #margotrobbie #galgadot #barbie #barbiemovie #gretagerwig #fyp ♬ original sound – Entertainment Tonight

Oscar will bring back Barbie in various adapted sets and in the original.

Il aura Fallu l’Intervention Greta Gerwigrealistic film, for persuasion Margot Robbie accepted the role. You filmed it in order to write the script for the film together with your partners. Noah Baumbach en créant le personnage sur-meure pour Robbie. In an interview for Flaunt Magazine, Gal Gadot exprime toute son love pour l’interprete de Barbie.

I adore Margot. Margot is one of those women you have a friend with…“Claim this about your advisor. She confirmed that she wanted to be cast for the role: “J’adorerais faire quelque chose avec Margot et j’ai été très touchée. Elle m’a rechauffé le heart avec tout ce qu’elle a dit sur moi.»

Fans will certainly be hoping for a collaboration between Barbie and Wonder Woman, who will undoubtedly become a symbol of glamor in Hollywood.

Cleopatra teases Gal Gadot: “This is a story that in the world is besoin d’undertendre en ce moment”

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