Marilyn Monroe: the story behind the actress’s most iconic and inspiring dresses

The actress was born on June 1, 1926 in California, United States. (Special Infobae: Jovanni Pérez)

Although fashion continues to transform as time goes by, iconic dresses worn by Marilyn Monroe during his artistic career they will continue to be a style reference. And it is that the American star, who died when she was only 36 years old, has remained in force in the fashion industry thanks to the image that she projected in the world of entertainment with leading roles in films such as Gentlemen prefer blondesphotographs and some other scandal.

In 1962 Marilyn Monroe starred in one of the most scandalous moments between the artistic medium and politics. No matter what there were strong rumors about her supposed romance with the then president of the United States, John F. Kennedywent as a special guest to a charity event that took place at Madison Square Garden where the politician was also present.

Marilyn Monroe died weeks after the event, on August 4, 1962. (Photo: Bettmann Archive)

Since she stepped foot in the facilities, she stole everyone’s eyes with her dazzling beauty that she showed off in a fitted dress nude. The garment designed by Bod Mackie in collaboration with Jean Louis highlighted the interpreter’s pronounced curves and, although it was hand-embroidered with 2,500 Swarovski crystalswhat most caught the attention of the public was that the artist seemed to be naked.

The women were shocked and the men gasped, especially John F. Kennedy, who couldn’t take his eyes off her. The event continued as normal until Marilyn took the stage to give a short speech about the event, as ended up congratulating the politician on his 45th birthday by singing happy birthday very much in his style.

In this way, the Hollywood diva drove the public crazy with her beauty and reacted to speculation about her alleged romantic relationship with the President of the United States. The garment, which would have cost about 13,700 current dollars, went down in history both for the design embodied in marquisette as well as the context where it was presented.

Many criticized the businesswoman for wearing Marilyn Monroe’s dress and allegedly having caused irreparable damage to her makeup. (Photo: Getty Images)

The piece was kept in custody until 2022, when Kim Kardashian underwent a documentary and aesthetic process to be able to wear it at the Met Gala. According to the socialite in her reality show, The Kardashianshe had to lose more than seven kilos in three weeks to be able to have the necessary measures.

“I am extremely respectful of the dress and what it means to American history. I would never want to sit on it or eat on it or risk damaging it and I will not wear the type of body makeup that I usually wear, ”she stated in an interview with Vogue prior to parading the red carpet of the fashion event.

Marilyn Monroe made every woman want a pink dress about six years before the first Barbie doll was released with her signature pink and white logo. (Photo: Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images)

Gentlemen prefer blondes (1953) is considered one of the most remembered films by the American star thanks to his scenes with Jane Russell and her musical. Although all the outfits she wore during filming set fashion in those years, the pink dress designed by William Travilla continues to inspire new artists.

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”sang Marilyn Monroe while she looked stunning in the strapless garment with a large bow on her lower back that she accompanied with elegant long gloves of the same color.

It was inevitable that all women dreamed of replicating her outfit, an aspiration that has endured over time, since Madonna he managed to do it in the video clip of Material Girl, margot robbie did the same with a full suit that he used as harley queen and Kylie Jenner she transformed into Marilyn for a photo shoot she did with the magazine V Magazine.

The list of the most memorable Marilyn Monroe dresses is headed by another design by Californian William Travilla. Its about ivory collared dress halter and pleated skirt that the comedian used to The seventh year itch (1955) and who, thanks to the scene she recorded standing on a New York subway grate, went down in history for showing her bare legs.

Although it was a film scene that was replicated in a studio after three hours of filming, it became one of the most reproduced images in the world. And it is that completely reflected the personality that characterized Marilynboth its sweetness and its sensuality.

After the sudden death of the diva, several of her wardrobes were kept safe, however, the actress Debbie Reynolds expressed her intentions to keep part of the collection and in 1971 she managed to do it for several million dollars. However, in 2011 the protagonist of Singing under the rain he finished off his collection by letting an admirer of unknown identity keep the design for more than five and a half million dollars.

The mythical scene would have been recorded in September 1954, when the actress was 28 years old. (Photo: Bettmann)

Among the multiple dresses made with different materials that the actress wore One Eve and two Adams (1959), found a sack of potatoes. And it is that the funny and confrontational personality of Marilyn Monroe transcended the big screen, because in 1952 she starred in a scandal before the media due to a harsh criticism that she received from a journalist.

And it is that the recognition in the Henrietta Awards it was overshadowed by the stunning red mermaid-style gown with a sweetheart neckline that stole the eyes of both her colleagues and the public who saw the photos of the event in the tabloids. It was precisely in a medium where a journalist labeled cheap and vulgar assuring that the actress would have looked better with a “sack of potatoes”.

The star showed that her beauty surpassed any garment. (Photo: Getty Images)

As expected, the journalist’s opinion reached the ears of Marilyn, who, shocked by the situation, decided to show everyone that her beauty did not depend on a garment. That’s how she turned to the photographer Earl Theisen to do a session carrying a classic sack where the tubers used to be packaged.

In this way, the histrionics responded to the accusations, revealing her true charisma and character. As expected, she made headlines around the world and unconsciously sent a message to everyone: a woman can go out in any outfit, because her beauty lies in her self-confidence and her personality. .

These four dresses form an important part in the history of the winner of a Golden Globe in the “Best Actress” category for her performance in One Eve and two Adams (1959) as an international fashion icon, because they not only tell the most crucial moments in her professional life, they also show how she became a beauty standard in every way.

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