Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner are a couple again in “The Adam Project”: “It was as if they had been married all this time”

In April 2004 he premiered “13 going 30” (known in Latin America under the title of “If I had 30”) and catapulted the fame of his leading couple: Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo. Although over the years his career was highlighted by other productions, this film led them to be considered one of the most famous fictional couples of all time.

18 years have passed since that premiere and, despite what is believed, they never shared credits again until “The Adam Project” (Netflix2022), the film in which they star alongside Ryan Reynolds and Zoe Saldaña, and which puts them back on screen as a couple.

RPP News spoke with both of them about their role in this production directed by shawn levy and how the chemistry we saw in “If I had 30” is still in front of cameras.

“We became iconic again,” they said almost in unison, referring to their new performance as a couple in “The Adam Project”.

“It was the first time (that we worked together again). It was like seeing an old friend (laughs), I hadn’t seen her in a long time,” she said. Mark Ruffalo.

“I felt very comfortable. It was like a continuation of us as people and our characters in ‘13 going 30‘, as if in a way they had been married all this time, “he replied Jennifer Garner.

And they would have had a baby, Ryan Reynoldswho was older than both of us,” Ruffalo joked.

And it is as they comment, both play a married couple again in this fiction that talks about time travel (as in “If I had 30”) and how the wounds of the past mark us for life. On “The Adam Project”, bring to life Ellie and Louis Reed, a married couple and parents of Adam, who travels back in time to save (or recover) his future, facing a painful past.

“The movie is really about how love transcends time, especially family love. There is also romantic love: Zoe Saldana and Ryan Reynolds they are amazing together. But, I am very moved by the love of a father with his son, the love of a son with his father, and the same with a mother and a son too. I can’t wait to see it with my kids and with my parents,” Garner said.

For Mark Ruffalothe film stands out not only for “the idea that you can go back (in time) and correct it and understand it”, but also for how it portrays the relationship between parents and children.

“I think it actually shows us the value and that what’s really important at the end of the day is these relationships. (So ​​much) To the point where my character even sacrifices his life’s work for the well-being of his son, showing that those things are really what matter and that’s what the movie achieves,” she muses.

The concept of time travel is not something new in film and television, even Marvel is exploring it with the opening of its multiverse. For Jennifer and Mark, if such time travel were an option in real life, they would both pay a visit to the 50’s, even about the longed 20’s.

“I thought about this a lot today. I would say it keeps changing. […] New York, in the fifties, as in an exhibition of art, music and
theater and this new acting style. Miles Davis was there. Marlon Brando was there,” Ruffalo said. “Broadway in the ’50s!” Garner noted.


I understood that reference

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