Market: Salvador Reyes is America’s first victim heading to Clausura 2024 and will join Necaxa


With the arrival of Christian Calderon, it has become almost a fact that Aguilas will have to cope without a player in this position.

America's first defeat in Clausura 2024 confirmed
© SpecialAmerica’s first defeat in Clausura 2024 confirmed

Having received the long-awaited fourteenth title, defeating Tigres, America has already turned the page and now Both managers and players are aiming for a double championship in the 2024 Clausura.

However, for this it will be important to strengthen the squad in key positions where there are not many options. It follows that The Eagles have already secured their first reinforcement for the next tournament. This is Christian Calderon, who arrived free of charge from Chivas.

With your arrival, Chicote Calderon joins the Azulcrema team’s roster of defenders and will fight for the title alongside Luis Fuentes. According to Cesar Luis Merlo, Mexican striker Salvador Reyes will be America’s first victim on the way to the next tournament.

There is no doubt that, despite the good reviews with which he arrived in El Nido, Chava Reyes never adapted to the system of Santiago Solari, Fernando Ortiz, and now Andre Jardine. Based on this, your next destination will be Aguascalientes on Necaxa.

Salvador Reyes will be the new Necaxa player for Clausura 2024.

Continuing the information about the disappearance of Salvador Reyes, It is important to note that he will join Rayos on a one-year loan with an option to buy. In the coming days, the player will travel to Aguascalientes to undergo a medical examination and join Eduardo Fentanes’s working group.

Survey How do you evaluate Salvador Reyes’ time in America?

How do you evaluate Salvador Reyes’ time in America?


Salvador Reyes leaves America after 89 games played, in which he managed to score six goals and provide six assists. During his time with the Coapa team, he played in three different positions: striker, five-forward and winger.

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