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maroon 5 returns to Dolby Live at Park MGM in Las Vegas on Thursday for the first dates of its 2024 show, which launched last year. guitar player James Valentine says fans who come to concerts might be able to see a different side Adam Levine they had never seen before.

Most Las Vegas shows are strictly timed and the set lists don’t change much, but James notes that there are definitely moments in the show that allow them to relax.

“We always manage to bring a little creativity and spontaneity to every song, and there are certain moments in the set that are definitely designed for that,” he told ABC Audio. “And Adam can also explore his side as a Vegas lounge club performer.”

He laughs: “We never know what he’ll say on stage. “We are always as surprised as the audience.”

Maroon 5’s Vegas setlist may change slightly from last year’s shows, but it will still feature their biggest hits, from “Moves Like Jagger” and “Girls Like You” to “Sunday Morning” and “This Love.” and one of James’ songs. personal favorites.

“It was a lot of fun playing ‘She Will Be Loved’ (in Vegas) because Adam and I got to go out in the audience,” he says. “You know, I would put on my acoustic guitar… and we would walk around the audience. And every evening it was a special moment. “I really enjoyed doing it.”

However, James says this point caused a bit of a problem.

“Sometimes when you’re in an audience, people get excited, and I understand that,” he says. “And so we took some aggressive selfies. Our security had to explain: “Hey, they’re moving out” and “back off a little.”

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