Mars is full of water and we don’t know if it’s from a past life

In It’s Not Monday at Last, Mario Viciosa teaches us about water.. We cannot say that we have too much water in Spain. Even on Earth, where there is 97% salt. But will we have to look for it on other planets? Not in order to bring it to us, but in order to better understand the evolution of the Solar System and try to find extraterrestrial life.

Mars Just Confirmed There’s Much More Water Than We Thought. It’s been 20 years since it was once discovered that there is water on Mars. But this water was not liquid. And the fact that it is liquid is an important condition for detecting life. Water that during these two decades has been confirmed on Mars or either in the form of ice, or in the form of brines, or mixed with earthas if trapped in minerals.

IN Mars, The conditions are very extreme, but the truth is, if you have ice at hand, everything is easier. Because it’s relatively easy to melt if the sun is shining and you have the technology to do it, which is what we do. AND oxygen can be obtained from this water and even fuel. So the desire of missions in recent years has been to look for places with a lot of ice where they can send missions.

European Space Agency presented a review of some data from older missions and concluded that currently There’s still a lot of this water on Mars. Of course, in the form of ice. But enough to fill the entire Red Sea basin on Earth. We wonder if there might be a pocket of liquid water there. At the moment there is no answer because the necessary technology does not exist.

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Could there be life in the contact zones, in the middle of all these water deposits? Or even more: Could we find in these icy deposits fossils of life that existed on Mars in the past but became extinct? This is quite plausible. While that primordial soup in which the first molecule of life was boiled arose at some point, as on Earth. At this point we know that some of them have been to Mars. Another thing is that they were collected in the unique and special way that life gave.

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