Martine Lausteau defended the increase in front of senators: “The president’s spokesmen were charging three times more”

Martin Lousteau defends increase in senators’ allowances

At the conclusion of the session yesterday, in which the specifications for ambassadors proposed by the executive branch were approved, senators voted on an increase in their allowances, generating a strong controversy. Even many members of the Upper House said that they do not agree with this and even said that they are going to reject this increase.

One of the senators at the center of the scene was Martin Lousteau, president of the National Committee of the UCR, who also maintains a tough confrontation with President Xavier Miley. The thing is that, after the session, on social networks he accused them of secretly raising their hands when voting on the salary amendment.

However, Lousteau today rejected the criticism, defending the increase in allowances and saying that, until the vote on the change yesterday, the presidential spokesman, Manuel Adorni, earned “three times more” than a senator.

Similarly he also said The presidents of all the blocks of the Senate agreed to this increase. and explained that the voting format used does not require every MLA to raise their hand, and if someone declines, they must ask to speak and leave it in place.

“We all vote. And the reason why one raises his hand and the other does not, at that time I was talking to Guadalupe (Tagliaferri), and (Victoria) Villaruel, Graciela Caamaño, I already told it, when you first and last name. If you don’t vote with the party then it happens because there was prior agreement in parliamentary work. All the block presidents sat down and said ‘let’s do this’. This had already been agreed upon and one of La Libertad Avanza signed off on the project. It’s all like that, after the government, The President, especially, goes out for publicity and goes out for lies. When you vote this way, without identifying yourself, if you don’t want to vote you have to raise your hand and say ‘I want my vote to be recorded.'”

,The project was signed by all blocks, A senator’s income was less than that of a president’s tweeter; The third part is that of Adorni; Less than national directors. Senators coming to the city from other places have to stay overnight. I don’t think it’s right that the President’s spokesperson earns three times more than a senator., I don’t think it’s right that a senator’s salary is the starting salary of a bank teller,” Lostau said.

During an interview with journalists Ernesto Tenenbaum and Reinaldo Sietekes on Radio Con Vos, the radical leader confirmed that all members of the upper house voted for the increase and explained how the mechanism works.

“There are two ways to vote, generally we vote by identifying ourselves. If you don’t vote this way, it’s because there is already an agreement. What if a senator doesn’t agree? All they have to do is say ‘I want it recorded in the minutes that my vote is negative,’ he explained.

Although the senator clarified that he earns his income not from his salary in the Upper House but from his work in the private sector, he said some of his colleagues in Congress do the same.

Furthermore, in his argument, and by mentioning during the interview that Miley donated his deputy’s salary because he could work in the private sector and make money outside of it, Lostau left a more harsh criticism of the President. Took the opportunity: “The President will have to explain where is the bill for what he has earned elsewhere. This is not visible in his sworn statement. He says he earned $20,000 per conversation. Where is its affidavit? “Where are the challans?” He told me.

Yesterday, senators took advantage of the end of the session to discuss a draft resolution on the table and approve an increase in their per diems, which will increase Earnings of over $7 million for MayOr about $4.5 million on hand by next June, The most interesting thing among all this is that if the government had not exerted pressure to deactivate the given increase Victoria Villaruel And martin menem At the end of last February, the amount to be collected would be half that of the middle of the year, at $3.5 million.

Senators raised their allowances by a show of hands and without debate in the middle of the session

Villaruel defended the increase granted last February, which he had sided with Menem following various allegations from the Casa Rosada. On that occasion it was a joint resolution. The man from Rioja immediately backed down at that time for fear of contradicting the wishes of the executive.

The text approved yesterday establishes that the allowances will be made up of 2,500 modules – $1,800-, plus an additional 1,000 modules for representation expenses and an additional 500 modules for uprooting. Regarding this last point, only four currently do not charge for it. Besides, One more diet will be added to the existing 12 to compensate for the bonus. According to what an office told this media, the initial intention was to have a higher number of modules.,

Following the increase, Miley came forward to question the senators, whom she once again accused of being “racist.” However, in his criticism he targeted the Vice President.

By the way, Lousteau accused the President of adopting “double standards” and said that, while he criticizes the increase in the number of senators, he increases the salaries of his officials.

“Now he is moving up the ranks and giving contributory units to people close to him, and that is increasing his salary. And, when that happens, Adorni doesn’t go to press conferences. There are lies and double standards in everything Miley does,” he said.

Furthermore, he pointed out a strong difference between Miley and Villaruel: “I disagree with him (the vice president) on many things, but he is consistent. Secondly, it is obvious. And third, He speaks the truth and believes it. “Millie, when she has to tell the truth, she hides.”

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