Masorange hires Victor del Pozo, former CEO of El Corte Inglés, to its management committee

Victor del Pozo, former CEO English courtwas signed Masorange to take the position of CEO of innovation, alliances and new services, the telecom operator said. Del Pozo is the first senior manager of the new telecommunications operator resulting from the merger MasMovil and Orange– who is not from the two merged companies and will serve on the management committee of approximately twenty directors.

Del Pozo already had a close relationship with MásMóvil, as his position at El Corte Inglés created an alliance between the telecom operator led by Meinrad Spenger, the current CEO of the merged company, and a group of department stores in sectors such as alarms. .

Masorange indicated in a statement that “due to his extensive experience in the world retail Through his successful professional career, Del Pozo will scale and expand operations Masorange in a new business segment where it already has a strong base of new services such as clean energy, consumer finance, insurance or alarms, with very high levels of customer satisfaction and great growth potential.

In addition, among the tasks From the well It is also possible to introduce new products and services.

Victor del Pozo He was CEO of El Corte Inglés from October 2017 to March 2022.

The broadcaster indicated that among the new features From the well include “create a team dedicated to developing innovation potential at Masorange, who will be responsible for identifying new opportunities and market trends by leveraging all available technologies within the company to enhance customer value. This team will work closely with other areas of the company, such as Networks and Systems, as well as other companies, to ensure that new solutions integrate with existing services.

The operator notes that “in addition, it will implement commercial solutions within the OpenGateway platform, which allows the integration of third-party services within 5G and the development of personalized solutions for business clients. This will facilitate collaboration with external partners and the creation of new and broader business ecosystems.

Finally, you will create strategic alliances with other companies in various sectors to develop joint solutions that meet the specific needs of corporate clients.

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