Massacre in Duran: five people murdered hours before the end of 2023 | Security news

At 2:10 pm, residents of Durán reported two hitman-style attacks at the Primavera 1 stronghold.

The first case occurred outside a co-operative society, near a busy supermarket. At least five youths were shot on the corner. Some motorcycles were parked next to them.

Dozens of people rushed to the scene to record and check the victims’ vital signs. The relatives of those who were shot also came, who were trying to help their relatives.

About a hundred meters later, another attack was reported in which two more people were injured.

So far, authorities have not confirmed how many people have died or how many patients were admitted to hospitals in that canton in emergency condition due to gunshot wounds. However, several videos were immediately shared on social networks and residents of Duran commented that five of them had been shot and had lost their lives.

Six people were killed in shooting during a funeral procession in Duran

The multiple crimes come with less than eight hours left until the end of 2023, set to be Duran’s most violent year yet.

At least 450 murders have occurred in that city in Guayas province. This figure closed in 2022 with 125 cases.

A week earlier six people were murdered in the middle of a funeral procession in Duran. Additionally, a woman was shot to death in a cemetery this week. And this Saturday, December 30, a man was murdered while driving in a van through the sector called El Tropezón. (yo)

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