Massacre of Michoacana family in Guerrero reveals systematic kidnapping to obtain recruits

The community has reported 17 drone attacks since May 2. Image: Infobay Mexico

michoacan family maintains a strong territorial dispute with Talcos In the Sierra de Guerrero, this is why he is allegedly kidnapping men to send to the battlefield.

According to Father José Filiberto Velázquez Florencio, head of the Minerva Bello Human Rights Center, on the afternoon and evening of January 4, at least 30 people from the Buenavista community of the municipality of La Familia Michoacana were murdered by alleged members of La Familia. Familia Michoacana. General Heliodoro CastilloA city located in the Sierra de Guerrero.

According to the priest who lives in the municipality of Chilpancingo, the massacre of these killed people was confirmed by Serafín Landa, the mayor of Heliodoro Castillo.

Due to these events, state officials held a meeting in which the transfer of the mixed operational base from Chilpancingo to Sierra de Guerrero was agreed.

Statement of armed attack. Photo: Minerva Bello Center

For his part, the spokesperson of the Jilotepec Community Police, Salvador Alanis, announced that on Thursday afternoon two survivors of gunshot wounds arrived in the community of Buenavista de los Hurtados, making him aware of the fact. He claimed that he saw at least nine dead bodies lying there which belonged to his neighbours.

“Since yesterday afternoon they started attacking the community with drones and explosive devices. At about nine o’clock at night they informed me that they had already murdered the people of Buenavista. The version they use is that the 30 people (dead) were killing a pig and this is where armed men arrived to take their lives,” the pastor said at a press conference.

According to information received from Minerva Bello Centre, the dispute in this area is due to mutual conflict. Talcoswhich controls the mountainous region, and the Familia Michoacana which maintains control in the Tierra Caliente region.

michoacan family Intending to transfer its criminal activity from Tierra Caliente to the region of Sierra de Guerrero and Costa Grande, so for several months this criminal structure, under the leadership of the brothers José and Johnny Hurtado Olascoga, alias El Fresa and El Paz, respectively Has been in leadership. Some communities in the same municipality were attacked with explosives.

Father Filiberto Velázquez Florencio, Director of the “Minerva Bello” Center. (Facebook/Jose Filiberto Velazquez Florencio)

In this context, an alleged hitman from Familia Michoacana managed to escape from his captors and informed the organization of his arrival.

in an audio to which he had access Infobay Mexico And which was shared by the Minerva Bello Center, this alleged hitman, originally from the State of Mexico, mentioned that he was arrested after not following the curfew imposed by the criminal structure.

“They picked me up and took me to a farm to work as a labourer, feed cows etc. Spent about three months bringing water and doing such work from there. From there, they said they were going to pay us right here; That they were going to send us to the boss who hired the people. There they gave us rifles, they gave us weapons and they told us that anyone who wanted to run away would be killed. “I wasn’t going to come back,” the man, who declined to be named, is heard saying.

“There are many of them, there are many who want to migrate but they don’t have the courage to return because they are going to kill them and their families are already there. “Most of the people who brought him down have already been located by family,” said the alleged hitman from Familia Michoacana, adding that it is still unknown whether the hitman took part in the Buenavista incidents or other attacks.

Infobay Mexico The Guerrero government was contacted after the facts of the massacre emerged on the night of 4 January, but only stated that they would have information by 5 January due to the difficulty of accessing the community. However, as of the time of this note, no details have been provided as to what happened.

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