Maximum expectations throughout Asia from Messi and Inter Miami

The great anticipation that creates Leo Messi speaks to the entire Asian continent about the relevance of his figure at 37 years old. Despite the fact that he has played in other leagues, played on other teams or the number of stars that accompany him, Messi does not lose his value in the eyes of fans and organizations, He even got integers since he World champion.

In recent days, much of college football has begun to return to its routine. We are waiting for the start of the new season. Most MLS teams have plans to return to work both training sessions and a series of friendly matches, which They serve to start the carburetor in order to reach the beginning of the stroke. the best way.

Definitely, One of the most attractive calendars among all those already announced is none other than that of Inter Miami. Franchise Florida will pass through Riyadh, Hong Kong and Tokyo, before graduation at home against Newell’s Old Boys in an amazing match special for its great star Leo Messi.

While passing through Saudi Arabia, Messi will meet again, and who knows for the last time, with another great legend of this generation of footballers: Cristiano Ronaldo. Between them they add up thirteen Golden Balls, one number that This demonstrates the importance of this coincidence at the heritage level.

Messi in the face of universal madness

In addition to everything related to sports training and performances, Inter Miami’s movement on the Asian continent follows a clear business strategy. If already Leo Messi is a huge attraction anywhere in the world. what wakes up Messi in Asia is a real passion. Whether it’s Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong or Japan, Argentina You should be prepared to make a huge splash just by announcing your presence.

Thanks to previous events of this typeMessi knows that he must be prepared to be accompanied by thousands of fans day and night. At the airport, at the hotel, on the bus or even at the stadium, the Argentine will be surrounded by people. a wave of people screamed and approached him as close as possible.

“Inter Miami needs to make its mark here”

Sports web portal MLS Multiplex managed to contact him Leo Messi fan account manager in Arabic, who explained how The Messi phenomenon and the MLS phenomenon are happening in a country so far away in territory.but so close in passion and fanaticism for Leo and football in general.

“If I see people watching MLS matches, most of them follow Inter Miami. or their next opponents. Many times time difference “This is not an obstacle to being able to enjoy Messi in this new stage.” said Maher Khubrani, the man behind “Inter Miami in Arabic” account.

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