May 19, 2024. Dengue in Tamil Nadu, India. 4000 cases this year

May 19, 2024

Health authorities Tamil Nadu, Indiawarned of an increase in cases dengue in the state more than 4000 cases reported this year.

The increase occurs before the onset of the rainy season, when the number of cases traditionally increases.

This month, till May 16, 136 cases of dengue fever were reported in Tamil Nadu. The largest increase was in January – more than 1,200 cases, then it decreased in March and April. However, several areas have continued to see increases in recent weeks.

In 2023, the state recorded 8,953 dengue cases and 10 deaths. As of September 17, 2023, 4,148 cases and 3 deaths have been reported, with the increase occurring primarily in the last 4 months of the year. Mortality rates will remain low in 2024, with only one death reported so far (in January).

Perambalur In April this year, there was an outbreak of dengue fever with 22 cases, with the number also rising in Theni, Namakkal, Ariyalur, Tiruvannamalai, Dindigul, Krishnagiri, Madurai, Coimbatore and Thanjavur districts.

As per the usual trend, the numbers usually decrease during the summer months of May and June and increase after the rains from August to September. Currently, more than 300 cases are reported per month. While moderate to heavy rains in the delta and interior regions brought relief from the heat, the threat of an increase in mosquito-borne diseases, especially dengue fever and malaria, has increased.

Local risks India

More information about dengue in India

  • India traditionally ranks second in the world in the number of dengue fever cases.
  • Status report:
    • 2024. May 12 106 cases in Assam this year; 30 April Udupi, Karnataka.
    • 2023. 94,198 cases and 91 deaths (Local official sources * As of September 17) December 22 234,427 cases; November 26 Tamil Nadu – 6,777 cases; November 19. Punjab: over 11,000 cases; October 31 case rise Delhi October 14 Bhopal; October 2 Jharkhand, 1,534 this year, mostly in East Singhbtum.; September Jharkhand 40 cases September Mumbai 700 cases in 15 days; July Noida, Uttar Pradesh; July, Kerala, serotype 2; June, Kerala: 7 deaths
    • 2022. 233,251 cases and 303 deaths (Local Officials) September Delhi; February Delhi
    • 2021. 193,245 cases and 346 deaths (Local official sources) November Delhi
    • 2020. 44,585 cases and 56 deaths (Local official sources)
    • 2019. 157,315 cases and 166 deaths (Local official sources) October
    • 2018. 101,192 cases and 172 deaths (Local official sources)

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