“May-December”: Todd Haynes, Taboo Film Actor

“It’s a game of games. » Voila comment: Todd Haynes defined son as a genus. “Image of the game”, martel-t-il. In the Parisian offices of the French distributors ARP, which ensures the foray into stores of new long meters, May December, On January 24, you removed it from the anime “63”. It will descend, dissipate, descend. And mime de ses mains une party d’échecs.

“In my opinion, the most tabloid melodramas are ceux au cours desquels un individu tente d’exprimer un desir que sont milieu Social fait tout pour reprimer. And finally, this man destroys all of Louis’s authors. » Mais alors, pourquoi un jeu d’échecs? “Question not deleted”, more precisely, better “double damage” Among these characters, you are kind of reserved, de l’intensité qui monte, de l’angoisse permanent et sourde d’etre mis échec et mat.

Dance May December, this is one film in competition at Cannes in 2023, all the victims of this massacre are created. A famous actress (Natalie Portman) comes to Savannah, to Georgie, to a magnificent house located on the edge of the sky. Elle Wind pour recontrer une femme qu’elle s’apprête à incarner à l’écran. In the process of familiarization, a book with notes on the main page, she spoke in these gestures, in these poses, and understood what anime was.

The May December team will premiere the film in Cannes on May 20, 2023. The May December team will premiere the film in Cannes on May 20, 2023.

La démarche is a habit that n’importe quelle médienne qui est à un personnage reel. But in this case the model is very complex. Gracie, played by Julianne Moore, is a woman of five years old with a banal appearance. But she lived through the chronicle of two ten-year-olds plus everyone to avoid your connection, and also that she was a female trainer family, with a young man of 13 years old.

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Playing in artificial images and non-dits

La liaison, d’abord gardee secrete, a fait grand bruit lorsqu’elle a été révélée au grand jour. Et c’est ce Scande que l’actrice tente d’epréhender, vingt ans Later, en faisant le Tour de la Ville, en rencontrant des Temoins de l’histoire et en découvrant, au fil de son enquête, les fragilités du couples I formed as ancient lovers. An ambiguous game of pretense and disbelief, complicity and reproach emerged.

May December I enjoy an authentic story that passionately and shocks America at the end of 1990: the relationship between Mary Kay Letourneau, a mathematics professor in Washington, at age 34, with him de ses elèves, Vili Fualaau, age 12. Mary Kay Letourneau is sentenced to return to prison, and her two children are in prison with her son, a young lover who was born in 2005, for the most part.

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