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Image rights are the last step remaining to seal a deal with Mbappe. The player and Real Madrid continue to negotiate the latest terms of the contract, although the global agreement is final. It has already become clear that the club does not want to break the salary scale with the French star and that his salary will not exceed 15 million euros net. A transfer bonus prorated over the five years of the contract will increase this figure significantly. But the final question is how image rights will be distributed, and this is a matter of vital economic importance.

In Madrid, since the days of the Galacticos, it has been customary for image rights to be shared 50/50 between the club and the player. This thesis formed the basis of the galactic era, when Madrid, designed by Florentino Perez, moved into another dimension of the world of football thanks to the money that returned from Figo, Ronaldo, Beckham and Zidane. The first player with whom this rule was violated was Cristiano Ronaldo, otherwise it would have been impossible to pay his salary. AS has learned from reliable sources that Haaland has 100% of his rights at City. And Endrick, almost a newcomer to the elite, splits his money with Madrid 50/50. This is the last conversation between the white club and Mbappe.


According to Pedrerol in El Chiringuito, the agreement is very close to being closed: 80% of the rights belong to Mbappe and 20% to Madrid. Always about the contracts that arise after signing with the club. The previous ones, logically, belong 100% to the Frenchman. Many millions are at stake. According to the latest Forbes list, published in 2023, Mbappé now earns €20 million a year from advertising. But that figure will increase significantly when he signs with Real Madrid because it will give him another global dimension.

Mbappé is currently the ninth athlete with the most followers on social media. There are more than 117 million of them. Ahead of him are Benzema, Beckham, Ronaldinho, LeBron, Virat Kholi (that cricket star) and the gold shortlist, Neymar (349), Messi (522) and Cristiano (783). Today, the distribution of profits from the social media pie is also enshrined in the contracts that football players sign, with specific clauses… And Mbappe and Real Madrid are talking about the same thing.

Mbappe, rain of millions

Everything is relevant for the white club and the star regarding image rights. In the past, the player was smart to not tie his trademark KM to any number. This will allow him to take whoever he wants in Madrid. Number 9 is available and Modric will likely stick with number 10, which he already wears for the national team. According to EFE, the star filed an application for trademark protection his surname and his usual crossed-arms gesture when he notes his business targets in the various market sectors that make up the 27 EU countries. He did so on February 8 through a Paris law firm at the EU Intellectual Property Office. (EUIPO in English abbreviation). In this way, Mbappe aims to guarantee possible commercial use in areas as diverse as cosmetics, toothpastes, perfumes, wetsuits, jewelry, bookbinding, umbrellas, bags and travel items. All this under the eight categories that make up the Nice Classification, which regulates goods and services that are subject to trademark registration.

Besides your name, surname and drawing of the celebration of his goals, recalls EFE, Mbappe has a rregistered two citations with the EUIPO most memorable “‘Moi tu m’parles pas d’age” (Don’t tell me about age) and “Football is change” (Football has changed), as well as a drawing showing the logo of one of the solidarity actions in which he is one of the visible leaders, “We take care of everyone.”

Currently, Mbappe has three main sponsors: Nike, the brand that dresses him, Hublot and Oakley. When he signs a contract with Real Madrid, he will become the most sought-after athlete of our time. The player will receive gold and Madrid will reap the economic benefits.

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